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Islamic Media: The Halal Times Chief Editor Ahmed

A Pakistani Muslim living in Japan for 25 years, Ahmed.He now focuses on Islamic media management dealing with companies worldwide interested in branding and promoting themselves to Muslims. We had…

Malaysian Muslimah chasing her dream in Japan

Living abroad is a valuable experience as one sets off to a foreign land for many reasons: career or studies, expanding cultural-awareness, finding your true selves, and more. Groovy Japan…

For children! An Indonesian entrepreneur to build mosque

To build a mosque in Osaka’s Daikokucho, an Indonesian Muslim, Herizal Adhardi, is fundraising to raise a hefty JPY700 million. As COOP JAPAN’s CEO and an entrepreneur, he has been…

Halal Skincare: Tokyo Organic, A word with Zunita

TOKYO ORGANIC—a well-loved organic skincare brand for only using selected ingredients. We sat down with Zunita Ramli, the founder of Tokyo Organic, to hear more about this Japan-made brand.