Pharmaceuticals and Supplements

Seaweed’s fibre can fight obesity, Study by Japanese pharma

Kaigen Pharma Co., Ltd. and Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy discovered that sodium alginate, dietary fibre in seaweed, helps suppress metabolic syndrome through gut bacteria.

Meal-in-a-pill with halal ingredients to go global

Cor-an Holdings began accepting pre-orders from December 2021 for its new product RAMUNE-supreme energy-, which uses halal ingredients.

From Japan! All NOMON Products are No Animal Certified

Teijin Group’s NOMON acquired Japan Halal Business Association’s “No Animal Certificate” for its NADaltus® and WASAbis® supplements, certifying that they are free from animal-derived ingredients.

Cultivating Muslim market demand with halal supplement packaging

WHEA-STONE is the first in Japan to be certified halal for its plastic containers.The firm expects demand for high-quality Japanese supplements to grow globally. By certifying halal, it aims to…

Health & cosmetic supplement certified Halal

Sankyo, a Shizuoka-based commissioned manufacturer of health-care foods and cosmetics (e.g. capsules and pills), acquired Halal certification for some production lines at its Hinode factory.

Nippi’s fish collagen peptide product now halal

Nippi, a leading Japanese manufacturer and distributor of collagen-based cosmetics and health supplements, obtained Halal certification for its exclusive collagen peptide factory.In what areas will it be used?