CNF-based cosmetics by recycled Iyokan fruit

Cellulose nanofibre (CNF) is gaining interest as a natural “green material” from plant sources such as wood. It could also be a promising solution to achieve carbon neutrality.

Kao to save lives from mosquito with new product

Kao Corporation, a Japanese chemical/cosmetics giant, announces plans for a full-scale project from February 2022. To reduce the impact of diseases (e.g. mosquito-borne dengue fever) through its original developed products.

Halal J-beauty: I tried Ocean skincare sample

Salam and hello!I got some halal Japanese skincare samples—Ocean skincare series by Cosmetics Halal & Organic Co., Ltd. Let’s try them!

Simply Beautiful, Halal-certified SHOJIN COSME

Inspired by Japanese vegetarian cuisine, RACE presents a range of ethical Halal cosmetics made in Japan. Narazaki, marketing manager of RACE, shared what drives the company to create beautifying products…

Plastic-free & Muslim-friendly ethical lipstick ‘BENI’ launched

With an eye on women’s social independence and environmental issues, Menary put its first Muslim and vegan-friendly ethical lipstick—BENI, pre-sale on Makuake.

Halal-certified Premium Japanese Cosmetics to The World: Vy Krásný

Japan’s first brand to develop Halal-certified serum, Vy Krásný.We chat with Yumiko Nakano, President of Vy Krásný, the Japanese brand behind creating reliable and safe halal beauty products for your…

Birth of The Organic Halal Skincare from Japan

Plaisir launches VKSARA, a collection of organic Halal skincare items.It is a Japanese beauty range for all women, including Muslims.

Health & cosmetic supplement certified Halal

Sankyo, a Shizuoka-based commissioned manufacturer of health-care foods and cosmetics (e.g. capsules and pills), acquired Halal certification for some production lines at its Hinode factory.

Halal Skincare TOKYO ORGANIC

Salam Groovy Japan strives to be the bridge between Muslims and Japan from a business perspective.We are pleased to launch products of the organic Muslim-friendly brand, TOKYO ORGANIC, in Japan.…

New halal cosmetics SHOJIN COSME at Good Good Mart

Good Good Mart, a marketplace specializing in social good, will start selling halal-certified cosmetics—SHOJIN COSME.What kind of brand is SHOJIN COSME?