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Japan’s first, Halal-certified, New lamb burger bistro in Tokyo

Luxe Burgers & Sunny’s Table reopens in Tokyo as Japan’s first restaurant to serve authentic bistro menu and halal-certified burgers with 100% Lamb Patty.

Halal, local AZUKI BAR ice cream to hit Malaysia

IMURAYA Group will launch IMURAYA AZUKI BAR, a JAKIM Halal-certified Japanese style ice cream in Malaysia.It is a localized version of the Azuki Bar series.

Ramen soup now halal, boosts entry into Islamic market

Maruisyokuhin Mie Kojyo, an OEM manufacturer of powdered soups and mentsuyu, secures a halal certificate for its powder line.It’s a step in meeting the needs of the rising exports of…

Muslim Tourism in Hida Takayama and Beyond

From 6 April, Hida Takayama Food Barrier-free Association was established to promote food made accessible to all (barrier-free food) with halal, kosher and allergy-friendly. Hida Takayama is known as a…

New, Nutritious, Simple, Halal Superfood Now Available

To overcome the global protein crisis, Tabérumo Corporation, the sole producer and distributor of fresh raw Spirulina in Japan, launched a new and easy-to-use product of Spirulina flakes. It is…