Halal-certified bento and catering for Muslims, Nankai Catering Service

Nankai Catering Service provides bento (boxed lunches) and buffets made in a central kitchen. Let's check out halal menus by the company from the president, Nobuko Eimoto. Since 1989, our company has predominantly engaged in banquet and party catering.In 2016, we became the first catering company to obtain halal certification. We also provide our clients with food that embraces diverse dietary needs, such as vegetarian and gluten-free. click to enlarge photo Our Hot Delivery® is a hot meal catering service that provides hot meals in a buffet style, which has...

Certified halal, leading global flavour & fragrance expert/SHIONO KORYO

Fragrances and flavours are indispensable in food, beverages and cosmetics. With various locations abroad and over 50 different types of high-quality halal-certified flavours, SHIONO KORYO is a reputable fragrance expert with more than 200 years of experience.Discover the company's comprehensive approach to catering to Japanese and international manufacturers. (more…)

Halal-certified free-range dairy products, Nakahora Dairy Farm

Nakahora Dairy Farm (located in Iwaizumi, Iwate) is among the very few natural grazing dairy farms in Japan. They have a range of dairy products from milk to yoghurt, ice cream, pudding and butter.In November 2013, the farm obtained Halal certification, making their products suitable for everyone, even Muslims. They renew the certificate every year since then. (more…)