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TAKEX takes on SEA halal market, Bamboo sanitizer & shelf-life extender

A company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells sanitisers, food additives and more made from bamboo—TAKEX. While the products contain ethanol (a type of alcohol), they are certified as Halal…

Halal-certified botanical hair care line VELAL is here!

VELAL is a hair care series that maximizes your hair’s allure with a blend of the best ingredients. All VELAL products are Halal, Vegan certified.

Healthy konjac dessert now halal-certified, Marukin Foods

Marukin Foods acquired halal certification from the Japan Halal Business Association (JHBA) for export to Islamic markets such as Malaysia and Singapore. The company manufactures–distributes processed soybean products, konjac, and…

Takex halal sanitizer verified antiviral effects against Covid-19

Takex confirmed its TAKEX CLEAN EXTRA Sanitizer could inactivate 99.99% of the Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) even after 15 days via a verification test.

New Halal-certified Chocolate with Japan Organic Brown Rice

Now on sale: “Chocolats Café Genshin” made with glutinous kinako (roasted soybean flour) pastry and brown rice coffee “Café Genshin”.

Japan’s first, Halal-certified, New lamb burger bistro in Tokyo

Luxe Burgers & Sunny’s Table reopens in Tokyo as Japan’s first restaurant to serve authentic bistro menu and halal-certified burgers with 100% Lamb Patty.

Halal-certified frozen & chilled warehouse, Nichirei Logistics Group, Kyokurei

In June, Nichirei Logistics Group announced that the Honmoku Distribution Centre of its corporate group Kyokurei attained Halal certification.The certification issued by Japan Halal Association and the certified warehouse is…

All halal-certified foods, Mr.HALAL food truck opens for franchising

Mr. Halal runs a food truck specialising in Chicken Over Rice.All ingredients used in the menus are halal-certified, ensuring Muslim customers can enjoy the food at ease.

Halal-certified Premium Japanese Cosmetics to The World: Vy Krásný

Japan’s first brand to develop Halal-certified serum, Vy Krásný.We chat with Yumiko Nakano, President of Vy Krásný, the Japanese brand behind creating reliable and safe halal beauty products for your…

Halal, local AZUKI BAR ice cream to hit Malaysia

IMURAYA Group will launch IMURAYA AZUKI BAR, a JAKIM Halal-certified Japanese style ice cream in Malaysia.It is a localized version of the Azuki Bar series.