Muslim-friendly Paprika Hotel with musalla & halal restaurant

To welcome Muslim guests, Paprika Hotel opened in 2019, with prayer rooms (musalla) and a Halal restaurant. Find out from CEO Yoshinori Izuka about the hotel’s features and aspirations for…

Halal 101: From syubhah to halal

Salam and hello!As a Muslim-minority country, Halal-certified products are not widely available in Japan. Although most are not certified, some products can be Halal once you know the source.

Halal, rare, extinct Japanese chicken back for limited offer

After nearly 70 years, the rare local chicken “Amakusa Daiou” revived. For a limited time only, Kumamoto-based L’isola Village sells roast chicken using the Halal-certified Amakusa Daiou.

Halal food truck Mr.HALAL opens 3rd shop in Chiyoda

Mr.HALAL offers Chicken Over Rice made with halal ingredients by food trucks to spread the halal culture common in NY to Japan. 3rd branch in Chiyoda Ward will have its…

Easy halal emergency food #2

Salam and hello!Following the halal emergency food series by Onisi Foods, today I’ll be trying the remaining 4 products. Let’s Go!!

New LEOC policy to cover religious diets incl Muslim

Foodservice provider LEOC CO., LTD designed the LEOC FOOD GLOBAL POLICY to engage in “Food Diversity”, including dietary needs of religions such as Islam. The new policy is supervised by…

Easy halal emergency food in Japan #1

Salam and hello!I’m back with another halal Japanese emergency food review. This time is halal Japanese emergency food by Onisi Foods. There are 6 products and I will introduce them…

Gunma readies Halal aid for possible new Covid wave

Gunma opens a health observation centre for people recuperating at home to prepare for a rapid rise in new COVID-19 cases. For daily necessity supplies, halal options are available.

Halal-certified liquid salt koji to launch in November

Hanamaruki will launch its halal-certified (MUI) HA Liquid Shio Koji in November 2021. It will be available for commercial and processing use. The company aims to release the product in…

Simply Beautiful, Halal-certified SHOJIN COSME

Inspired by Japanese vegetarian cuisine, RACE presents a range of ethical Halal cosmetics made in Japan. Narazaki, marketing manager of RACE, shared what drives the company to create beautifying products…