Muslim Review: Eating with HALAL Powdered Soy Sauce

Hello.I’m Iman, Salam Groovy Japan's Malaysian staff.I had my favourite–sushi and sashimi–for lunch with Salam Groovy Japan’s Muslim Friendly Soy Sauce Powder, available at our online shop.Usually, you'll get complimentary soy sauce packets along with your order in Japan. But as a Muslim, it's difficult to use those since they may contain alcohol.Thankfully Salam Groovy Japan’s product is halal-certified. (more…)

[HALAL-CERTIFIED] Muslim-friendly Powdered Soy Sauce

Salam Groovy Japan is working to become a bridge between Japan and the world.Therefore, we present to you a pure Japanese soy sauce powder which is a universal and ideal seasoning. It is a powdering of traditional soy sauce from whole soybeans which handed down since the Muromachi period(1573). Five times the richness and umami(flavour)! As it condensed by powdering.You can use it in various dishes such as sushi, sashimi and tofu. It is light and portable.You can also use it as your personal soy sauce. So you can rest...