Japan-made halal-certified organic skincare now at luxury hotels

Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo and Hotel New Otani Tokyo’s EXECUTIVE HOUSE ZEN now provide halal-certified Japan-made organic products as part of their skincare amenities.

This Is How Japan Keep Raw Food Safe

I saw a comment on Facebook that sounds a bit like so,“In Japan and Korea, cases of tapeworms or roundworms caused by eating raw foods, such as sushi and sashimi…

Keeping Japanese doll craft alive, From Japan to the world

Hina, Oyama, Ichimatsu dolls… Keeping people and cultures connected through making dolls that fit people lifestyles.Hina dolls are said to have appeared among the Japanese nobles in the Heian period…

Aichi Seeks Muslim Media to Promote Post-COVID Tourism

Looking ahead to Post-COVID, Aichi Prefecture began recruiting subcontractors for the “Muslim Media Invitation & Information Dispatch Project”. The project aims to stimulate the flow of Muslim tourists to the…

Japan’s first, Halal-certified, New lamb burger bistro in Tokyo

Luxe Burgers & Sunny’s Table reopens in Tokyo as Japan’s first restaurant to serve authentic bistro menu and halal-certified burgers with 100% Lamb Patty.

Wheelbarrow now electric, Gadget to ease farming

Japan’s agriculture scene welcomes a wheelbarrow motorized device to help farmers easily transport heavy loads.Let’s uncover this handy device!

Expo 2020 Dubai: Sushiro restaurant to open at Japan Pavillion

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Expo 2020 Dubai postponed by a year from its original schedule. The conveyor-belt sushi chain Sushiro will open a restaurant in the Japanese Pavilion, with 22…

transcosmos new warehouse in Jakarta, Boosts its Indonesian E-commerce

PT. Trancosmos Commerce, a subsidiary of transcosmos inc. that develops EC business in Indonesia, opened a new warehouse in Jakarta’s central hub. Setting up a specialized analytics team.With the Indonesian…

Who made the world’s first instant noodles?

Not many may know that the WORLD’S FIRST instant noodle was actually made by a Japanese—Momofuku Ando in 1958.How did Ando make instant noodles?

VISIT JAPAN Travel Mart 2021 to be held by JNTO

VISIT JAPAN Travel Mart 2021, Japan’s largest inbound trade fair organized by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), will be held in Osaka in November. Overseas buyers from Southeast Asia,…