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New Halal Long-life Food, ANSHIN-MAI Quick

Alpha Foods will start shipping its Halal-certified long-term shelf-stable food*1 “ANSHIN-MAI Quick” series from January 2022. It is ready to eat in 5 minutes after pouring hot water, perfect for outdoor use…

30% sweeter tomato with gene editing by Japanese university

A team of researchers from several Japanese universities, led by Nagoya University, developed a new tomato with higher sugar content using genome editing.

For halal ramen, Shizuoka creates Fermented Seafood Extract

To tap into the Halal market, the Shizuoka Prefecture Research Institute of Fishery and Marine Technology created Fermented Seafood Extract. It uses lactic acid bacteria extracted from Shizuoka Prefecture’s skipjack…

Soy cheese? By industry-university collab in Japan

Japan’s academia-industry collaboration has successfully developed and launched Soy Delice (Koji*1), a soy-based cheese fermented with lactic acid bacteria and koji mould.

Support Halal, Dashi shop with new logo for 80 varieties

The dashi specialist ODASHI KOUBOU has over 80 years of experience providing dashi, a basic ingredient of Japanese cuisine. Its operator, NUMATA, is also a Muslim-friendly company supporting accommodation facilities…

$87 per one? yokan with premium Japanese chestnut

The world has many kinds of chestnuts. Only four are grown as fruit trees, including the Japanese chestnut.

White egg-yolk, Japanese branded egg Kometsuya®

Eggs are a vital part of Japanese people’s diet. While eggs are available worldwide, they need strict hygiene controls to be safe to eat raw or half-cooked. Japan is one…

Japan is here with boiled egg from plants

A plant-based meat R&D firm, Green Culture, Inc., developed a plant-based boiled egg prototype. It is the first successful case in Japan of a vegan egg in such form.

Halal, rare, extinct Japanese chicken back for limited offer

After nearly 70 years, the rare local chicken “Amakusa Daiou” revived. For a limited time only, Kumamoto-based L’isola Village sells roast chicken using the Halal-certified Amakusa Daiou.

World’s first gene edited fish now on the market

An initiative is underway to make sea bream-a popular sushi ingredient-an efficiently sustainable food.