New super big cherry ‘Yamagata Beniou’ makes its debut

Yamagata Beniou, a huge cherry species newly developed by Yamagata Prefecture, a famous cherry-growing region, made its debut at the prefecture’s pre-debut event.

Visualise Wagyu beef smell digitally, Possible use for meat alternative

Postgraduate students at the University of Shizuoka have developed a technology to digitalise aromas. They could now visualise the aroma differences between foreign beef and Japanese Black (cattle breed) Wagyu…

Crab stick: among Japan’s Top 3 Post-WWII Food Inventions is now 50 yrs old

Imitation crabs are now eaten worldwide, and 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of their development.Along with instant ramen and retort curry, imitation crabs are one of Japan’s Three Greatest Post-World…

Fish grow 1.6x faster by greenlight, New land aquaculture tech in Japan

Land-based aquaculture of fish is currently in the spotlight in Japan.A major turning point has come from the era of catching fish to ‘making’ fish on land. These changes are…

Gyomu Super gives free Halal food for refugees in Japan

Kobe Bussan, the operator of the Gyomu Super (supermarket) franchise, is providing food aid to the Japan Association for Refugees (JAR).

Meat from CO2! Ultimate system by Japanese venture

A magic mechanism is now on its way to becoming a reality. It uses carbon dioxide, long-recognised as a cause of global warming, to make quality protein-rich meat.

Fresh sashimi? No, it’s a plant-based fish

Soy-based meat alternatives are a growing market globally. And the trend is extending beyond meat-like processed foods.

World’s first seedless pepper developed by a Japanese firm

Indonesia is considered the third-largest producer of bell peppers and chillies in the world.

Keep 3 months at room temperature! New amazing Japan milk

Japan’s top food manufacturer MEIJI has launched the new Meiji Premium Hokkaido Milk with 100% fresh milk from Hokkaido. You can keep it for up to 91 days at room…

3 Tokushima firms certified halal for export to Muslim world

HIRO Corporation in Anan, Tokushima, obtains Halal certification together with Miyahiro (deli/food processor) and Wakita Suisan (fish wholesaler) to fully expand exports to the Islamic market.