Fukuoka City offers halal and vegan restaurant map

In conjunction with the Fukuoka-hosted World Swimming Championships, Fukuoka City created a “Fukuoka Vegan, Vegetarian, and Halal-friendly Map”, which was distributed at locations like the JR Hakata Station square in the Hakata district.

The map aims to offer foreign tourists with diverse dietary preferences, including vegans and Muslims, the opportunity to enjoy Fukuoka’s cuisine. It features 35 establishments across the city, labelled with indications such as “Vegetarian-friendly” and “Serving Halal-certified meat,” allowing visitors to choose venues that cater to their dietary requirements.

Both Japanese and English versions of the map are available, and it has been distributed during the championship period at temporary tourist information centres, including the one at Hakata Station Square. There are also plans to continue distributing the maps at locations like Fukuoka Airport after the event concludes.

WEB: FUKUOKA CITY Official Tourist Guide

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