Tunnel of Light, Kiyotsu Gorge

Kiyotsu Gorge is one of the three biggest valleys in Japan along with the Kurobe Gorge (Toyama Prefecture) and the Osugidani Gorge (Mie Prefecture). Known for its visually striking igneous rock formations created by a volcanic eruption around 16 million years ago, Kiyotsu Gorge was registered on the list of National Places of Beauty and Natural Monuments in April 1941, and officially became the Joshin-etsu Kogen National Park in September 1949. (more…)

Kyoto Arashiyama “Yoshiya” Halal Japanese meal

Kyoto Arashiyama's restaurant "Yoshiya" has acquired halal certification from the Kyoto Halal Council* for Sharia and Halal Affairs, and cooks based on Islamic teachings to serve Muslim-friendly dishes. All of the ingredients used in its dishes have been approved by the halal council. A space for wudu and Japanese-style prayer room also available. Please see the link below for detailed facility information. *Kyoto Halal Council: partners with Japan Muslim Association (Tokyo) and Japan Islamic Trust (Otsuka Masjid in Tokyo), both of which are certifying bodies founded as religious institutions. Its...

Spicy Food Network (Akihabara) in Tokyo

Used computers and smartphones are displayed near the entrance to Spicy Food Network in Akihabara, Tokyo. At first glance, there is no sign of food being sold. However, once inside the store, you will find a convenience store-like array of halal foods, including spices, frozen meats, dates, grains, samosas, and sweets. It is a small store, but you can buy halal food from many different countries.For more information about the store, please see the link below.

What are the future entry restrictions to Japan?

On August 25th, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will change the conditions for a negative certificate of COVID-19, which is required when entering Japan, from 00:00 on September 7th. Announced that travelers from overseas will not have to submit a negative certificate at the time of entry if they have completed the third vaccination. In addition, travel agencies and others have pointed out that tourists who prefer to travel on their own are a factor in avoiding trips to Japan, as there is a low degree of freedom...

“Islamic Shopping district” Shin-Okubo multinational area

Shin Okubo is a cozy little neighborhood located within Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward and is easily accessible as one of the stops on the Yamanote train loop. And it is well known for its extensive Korean community. Mainly popular among Tokyoites for its Korean foods, K-pop. But now you will see that it is a Shin-Okubo is a cozy little neighbourhood?in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, easily accessible as one of the stops on the Yamanote Line. It is also known for its large Korean community. It is popular for Korean food and...

Kamakura Private Half-Day Muslim-Friendly Tour

Have a tour around a city that's popular with Muslim travelers - Kamakura. By going on a private tour, you'll have your guide's undivided attention. Save time and see multiple highlights in one day, such as Jomyo-Ji, Hokoku temple, Komachi Street, Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, and more. You won’t have to worry about language barriers, as a guide will translate and recommend where to get a halal lunch too.

“HOTEL YUGAF INN OKINAWA” with Muslim-Friendly services and facilities

"HOTEL YUGAF INN OKINAWA" offers "Muslim Friendly Services" for Muslim customers.Services include preparation of prayer rooms, preparation of prayer mats in guest rooms, prayer timetables in the Okinawa area, prayer directions, and Muslim-Friendly menus at restaurants using special cooking utensils and cooking only with halal ingredients. Enjoy your stay in Okinawa! Please see the link below for more details. Related Posts:Muslim-friendly Paprika Hotel with musalla & halal restaurant