Indulge in halal wagyu & Japanese cuisine at amusement restaurant ‘Gonpachi’

The creative Japanese restaurant 'Gonpachi' is renowned for being the backdrop of the 'izakaya summit' between former Prime Minister Koizumi and ex-US President Bush, as well as a setting in the movie 'Kill Bill'. It's a well-known establishment frequented by international celebrities. Let's hear from Head Chef Oshima, and Abe from Ads and PR (Marketing) of GLOBAL-DINING, INC. about the popular menus among Muslims and the restaurant's unique features. (more…)

From Shio to Halal: Osaka’s No.1 ramen spot dishes out new halal menu

UNCHI Co., Ltd.'s "Human Beings Everybody Noodles (人類みな麺類)" in Osaka, known as the city's NO.1 ramen restaurant, is introducing a weekly changing menu– from Shio (salt) to Shoyu (soy sauce) ramen –starting in August. They are also offering Halal-certified ramen to cater to Muslim customers. As part of their concept of "Providing Noodles to Humanity", they strive to accommodate people with dietary restrictions, so they obtained Halal certification in July for the halal ramen they developed. The Halal ramen features a piece of chicken chashu cooked at a low temperature...

The only Japanese restaurant in Tokyo with Halal Kobe beef, Isho Ueno Tokyo

Issho Tokyo Ueno ('Issho') offers Halal-compliant menus in Ueno, a popular tourist destination in Tokyo. This eatery, with fresh ikizukuri*1, motsunabe and other Fukuoka dishes, is hugely popular among Muslim tourists in Japan, as it offers Halal Kobe beef in all private rooms.Issho is operated by Tsumamina Co., Ltd., which has about 25 restaurants centred in Fukuoka Prefecture. Let's find out all about it from Manager Yasuaki, the Tokyo area/restaurant manager. (more…)

Waiting for your flight? Have a plate of halal Japanese curry rice at La Toque (Narita Airport)

You get to eat Halal Japanese Curry again at this restaurant at Narita Airport. Yes, that's right! This Halal-certified Japanese curry rice restaurant "La Toque" is back again after it closed down during the pandemic. Now that the pandemic has passed, La Toque reopens again to satisfy the increasing number of Muslim tourists in Japan coming and going at Narita Airport! So, if you're hungry while waiting for your flight or after your flight, this restaurant might be just for you!! Visit the link below for more details. Also See:Muslim-friendly...

This halal pocket pizza is loaded with cheese! (in Ikebukuro)

MAD CHEFs, a take-out shop specializing in pocket pizza will open a new store branch at 11am on Saturday, 22 April 2023 in Ikebukuro. To commemorate the opening of MAD CHEs, they'll offer their signature pocket pizza only for JPY42 for the first 200 meals! Pocket pizza paratha is a comfort food that's popular in India and Nepal. Ingredients such as cheese and fish are baked inside a thin bread called paratha. MAD CHEF s uses carefully selected halal ingredients for the various dishes served in the restaurant. Each bite...

Halal, affordable, hearty! Taste authentic Japanese tempura bowl at Ginza Itsuki (Tokyo)

Japan has always been known for its unique and delicious cuisine. And 'tendon' (天丼) is one of the food that many are dying to try in Japan. Although a few restaurants has closed down during the pandemic, this doesn't mean there are no halal/Muslim-friendly restaurants anymore. Well, here's a halal restaurant in the middle of Ginza where you can enjoy halal tendon and tempura 'Ginza Itsuki'. (more…)

Ninja Cafe Asakusa serves ‘shuriken’ you can eat with halal options

If you're a ninja fan, you need to check out this ninja-themed cafe "NINJA Cafe ASAKUSA" with hands-on entertainment in Asakusa that turns you into a ninja dressed in all that ninja gear. Customers can enjoy a hearty meal including a ninja curry with a shuriken (small star-shaped throwing blade)-shaped rice. The restaurant also provides vegetarian, vegan, and halal meals for those with diet restrictions. Find out more in the link (Eng) below. Also See:Must-Visit Tokyo 1-Day Itinerary: 6 Recommended Places for You

A much-loved Sendai restaurant is back with halal and vegan menus

Closed in 2016, the Italian restaurant "Pasta House Pomodoro" favoured by the locals in Kashiwagi (Sendai) for 20 years, has reopened in February 2023 at the same location. It is approximately a 1-min walk from Kashiwagi 2-chome (Sendai City Bus) bus stop.Bringing back its nostalgic taste, all its dishes are now made to be halal-compliant to ensure all kinds of customers can be assured when enjoying the food. It also serves vegan-friendly dishes, with English menu available. Find out more in the translated link below.

Japan’s first halal food & shopping complex emerges in Yashio (Saitama)

On 3 March 2023, the NATIONAL MART & Halal Yataimura Yashiostan, the first establishment of its kind in Japan to feature a halal food court and supermarket, was established in Yashio, Saitama. Home to many Pakistanis, Yashio City is known as 'Yashiostan', combining the words 'Yashio' and 'Pakistan'. After exiting the north exit of Yashio Station, walk straight down the station street in the direction of City Hall for about eight minutes, passing under Metropolitan Expressway Route 6 and you will reach this complex. The complex sells all kinds of...

Halal Japanese food & wholehearted hospitality for Muslims in Miyajima, Miyajima Yamaichi

Home to the World Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture is a popular tourist destination known as one of the three most picturesque places in Japan. Miyajima Yamaichi Co., Ltd., which runs a restaurant and ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), provides Halal Japanese food and prayer space for Muslims visiting Miyajima.Let's discover how they came to accommodate Muslims and their future prospects straight from President Teppei Yamamatsu. (more…)

Get halal curry at Haneda Airport’s new one-stop entertainment complex

Inside the new commercial facility opened in Haneda Airport Terminal 3 "Haneda Airport Garden", curry lovers across the globe will find a brand new spot "Japan Loves Curry" (カレーは日本の国民食) where you get to taste a wide selection of curry dishes from two popular curry restaurant chains in Japan: GoGo Curry and Siddique. Great news for Muslim travellers, you can enjoy a variety of halal dishes served at Siddique, a halal Indian-Pakistani restaurant. It has vegetarian options too. Now you don't have to worry on where to eat when you're at...