Ultimate halal chicken ramen, Halal Ramen Toribushi opens in Okachimachi

Just a 2-minute walk from Okachimachi Station on the Yamanote Line, Halal Ramen Toribushi opened on 28 November, bringing you tasty Halal ramens and tsukemens*1 with a rich, slow-cooked chicken broth. It is also near the Masjid Assalam (Ueno Okachimachi Mosque), which is about 6 minutes by foot. Aside from ramen dishes, you can enjoy toppings, such as 'Chicken Char Siew' and the classic 'Ajitama' (marinated egg), rice dishes, gyoza and special value set menus. The Okachimachi area is a bustling historical market town. It is more known among foreign...

Halal included! Wakayama launches multilingual supported website ‘Eat Wakayama’

Wakayama Prefecture has launched a 'Multilingual Menu Creation Support' and a 'Search Engine for Restaurants' websites, covering restaurants and other establishments in this prefecture, on 11 November. Named 'EAT WAKAYAMA', this website is an initiative geared towards the recovery of inbound demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the arrival of foreign tourists to the prefecture ahead of the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025.When foreign tourists who cannot read Japanese look at the menu and order, helping them get rid of their concerns about allergies, Halal, and such is becoming a must.

Halal Wagyu beef course for Muslims is back at Japanese restaurant GONPACHI

GONPACHI, the famous Japanese restaurant chain favoured by international celebrities operated by Global Dining Inc., is bringing back its Muslim-friendly menus with a new Halal Wagyu beef course. It is available starting 14 October for the first time in almost three years. Photo Source: POOL via Jiji Press Photo GONPACHI is famous for its carefully selected Japanese dishes, including skewers carefully grilled over binchotan*1 and freshly fried tempura. This creative Japanese restaurant made headlines in February 2002 when PM Junichiro Koizumi and US President George W. Bush (both at the...

Halal and Muslim Friendly – Jesly Villa Tokyo

"Jesly Villa Tokyo" (a.k.a Paprika Hotel) is an accommodation facility based on the concept that Muslims can enjoy their trip without worrying about food and prayers. You can enjoy authentic Malaysian cuisine at the Halal restaurant in the hotel. Meals are prepared by a Muslim chef who used to be the head chef at a 5-star hotel. He was hired because they believe Muslims would feel safer if the food is 100% halal and made by a Muslim chef. For more information, please see the link below. Also, check out...

Muslim-friendly Japanese restaurant “Nikaku”

More than 100 menu items! Japanese restaurant "Nikaku" has Muslim-friendly menus and is fully equipped with a prayer room. The interior of the store is full of ninja elements. They are a long-established Japanese restaurant loved by locals and tourists alike. You can enjoy ninja menus and original menus that are particular about Iga ingredients. How about visiting this restaurant when you come to Iga City in Mie prefecture? Please see the link below for more information.

Kyoto Arashiyama “Yoshiya” Halal Japanese meal

Kyoto Arashiyama's restaurant "Yoshiya" has acquired halal certification from the Kyoto Halal Council* for Sharia and Halal Affairs, and cooks based on Islamic teachings to serve Muslim-friendly dishes. All of the ingredients used in its dishes have been approved by the halal council. A space for wudu and Japanese-style prayer room also available. Please see the link below for detailed facility information. *Kyoto Halal Council: partners with Japan Muslim Association (Tokyo) and Japan Islamic Trust (Otsuka Masjid in Tokyo), both of which are certifying bodies founded as religious institutions. Its...

“Islamic Shopping district” Shin-Okubo multinational area

Shin Okubo is a cozy little neighborhood located within Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward and is easily accessible as one of the stops on the Yamanote train loop. And it is well known for its extensive Korean community. Mainly popular among Tokyoites for its Korean foods, K-pop. But now you will see that it is a Shin-Okubo is a cozy little neighbourhood?in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward, easily accessible as one of the stops on the Yamanote Line. It is also known for its large Korean community. It is popular for Korean food and...

“HOTEL YUGAF INN OKINAWA” with Muslim-Friendly services and facilities

"HOTEL YUGAF INN OKINAWA" offers "Muslim Friendly Services" for Muslim customers.Services include preparation of prayer rooms, preparation of prayer mats in guest rooms, prayer timetables in the Okinawa area, prayer directions, and Muslim-Friendly menus at restaurants using special cooking utensils and cooking only with halal ingredients. Enjoy your stay in Okinawa! Please see the link below for more details. Related Posts:Muslim-friendly Paprika Hotel with musalla & halal restaurant