Lots of entertainment! World’s biggest conveyor-belt sushi branch opens

On 31 March, leading Japanese conveyor-belt sushi chain: Kura Sushi opened the world’s largest conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, the Kura Sushi Skytree Oshiage Station store. It features newly developed attractions highlighting…

Halal ramen shop that specializes in ‘Plant-based meat alternatives dumpling’ grand opening

Halal ramen shop that specializes in ‘Plant-based meat alternatives dumpling’ will be opened in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture. Ramen shop ‘MENSEI’ was named after “Diversified noodles to the world”. In…

New Muslim-friendly Italian restaurants in Tokyo

Pizzeria-Trattoria Napule and Ristorante-Italiano Etruschi, included in the TOP100 restaurants of the Japanese major gourmet website “Tabelog”, get Muslim-friendly certification. Both are run by TERRAMIA, a company of TAKAMI GROUP

Halal menu in student cafeteria resumes at UEC

The University of Electro-Communications (UEC) now offers Halal food in the student cafeteria, after much demand based on its survey conducted for international students from Muslim countries.

Halal food truck Mr.HALAL opens 3rd shop in Chiyoda

Mr.HALAL offers Chicken Over Rice made with halal ingredients by food trucks to spread the halal culture common in NY to Japan. 3rd branch in Chiyoda Ward will have its…

New normal dining by Hoshino Resort in Tokyo

In Japan, the COVID-19 pandemic is now under control, and restaurants starting to be in business as usual. Nevertheless, the pandemic has led people to explore new ways to eat…

Enjoy Muslim-friendly Japanese food course in Tokyo

TOKYO YAMANOTE Cooking College offers a Muslim-friendly Japanese food course through lessons. All menus have no pork and alcohol.

Halal food vending machine in Chiba, To go nationwide

Vending machines are common in Japan, where you can easily buy items 24/7. The Chiba-based company iWorks now offers halal food in those handy vending machines.

Halal dessert with Japanese treats, Expo 2020 Dubai

Sushiroad by Banpaku, the Japan Pavilion restaurant at Expo 2020 Dubai, includes WAKABAYASHI SENBEI products in some of its desserts.

120 menus for Dubai Expo, Sushiro first halal challenge

The only Japanese restaurant chosen for the Expo 2020 Dubai, the revolving sushi restaurant SUSHIRO unveiled all 120 menu items planned for its Sushiroad by Banpaku restaurant. A limited release…