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Unbreakable screen door for ventilation & security

Most houses have window screens. It allows the room to ventilate better in hot weather. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, airing out areas where many people gather, such as schools…

Why did YOU come to Japan? My Neighbour Muslim in Tokyo

“My Neighbour Muslim in Tokyo” is an event to encourage people to interact with international Muslims living in Tokyo. About 500,000 international people are currently live in Tokyo, with about…

Halal food relief for foreign students hit by pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic continues to put international students in financial crisis in Japan. Okayama University received food aid for international students from Hayashibara, having the “SDGs Industry-University Partnership Agreement” with…

Glowing silk with great possibilities

Japan began raising silkworms for raw silk to make fabrics since 2,000 years ago. Around 1900, the country became the world’s largest raw silk exporter, surpassing the pioneer of silk…

Fish leather by a Japanese brand

Based in the fishing town Himi, Toyama, tototo makes wallets, card cases and more out of fish skins that would have gone to waste.

Lower ocean CO2 with gene editing to algae carbon cycle

A Japanese company started the world’s first demonstration test of a carbon cycle, applying genome editing technology to algae and seafood, utilizing the food chain to reduce CO2 emissions in…

City as power plant, film-based perovskite solar cell by Japan

The Sun’s rays from far across the cosmos emit massive energy onto the Earth surface. 45 mins of exposure to sunlight are enough to supply us with energy for a…

Suntory makes 100% plant-based plastic bottle

Japan’s leading beverage company SUNTORY revealed its success in developing plastic bottles made of 100% plant-based materials with a completed prototype.

Bamboo CNF to be alternative for steel, plastic

A new material from bamboo, lighter and stronger than steel, is under development in Japan. It is a promising substitute for steel and plastic for the future. And may even…

Corn fabric for sustainable fashion

A Japanese chemical firm develops next-generation sustainable materials using plant-based fibres to help drive towards carbon neutrality.