AI security robot now on guard at Narita Airport

AI-based security robots are now on the move at Narita Airport, a gateway to the skies of Japan.

Robot delivers your grocery! A futuristic service begins in Japan

A shopping delivery service started using UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle), automatic delivery robots, on public roads in Tsukuba, Ibaraki. The robots deliver items purchased at supermarkets in just 30 minutes.

World-first:Toyota uses antibacterial seat belt on its next-gen taxi

Toyota Motor’s commercial taxi service, JPN TAXI, is the first in the world to adopt the new anti-bacterial seat belts developed by TOKAI RIKA CO, LTD.

Enjoy sightseeing in peace with Bicycle Locker linked to your smartphone

A bicycle is a convenient way to tour a sightseeing spot. This healthy, economical and nature-friendly transportation mode became the focus again following the COVID-19 pandemic.And now, Japan started a…

Japan invents ‘electric chopsticks’ to boost saltiness with electric

Kirin, a major Japanese beverage giant, and a research team led by Prof Homei Miyashita of Meiji University worked together to invent ‘Electric Chopsticks’. A device that artificially enhances our…

3D-printed homes may make house-buying like buying a car

Serendix Inc join hands with a world-leading expert in 3D printing technology, Hiroya Tanaka (professor of Keio University), to build a house for the general public. The project aims to…

Paper toothpaste now in hotels, no tubes, less plastic waste

The Japanese government has set a target of a cumulative 25% reduction in single-use plastics by 2030. And on 1 April, the Plastic Resource Circulation Act, initiated by the Ministry…

Talking Hello Kitty Robot even guides people at tourist facility

NTTEast and Sanrio will release a Hello Kitty communication robot.

Discover Nishikigoi, the traditional ‘swimming jewels’ of Japan

Nishikigoi (ornamental carp) is also called the ”swimming jewel”. Its history dates back to around 1700-1750. At that time, they say the ancestors of nishikigoi mutated from koi (carp) bred as food in…

World’s first Gashapon machine with 3D display, Gashapon Odyssey

Japanese capsule toys are popular with foreign tourists. It has a diverse lineup with various new products in close harmony with Japanese anime culture.