How Japan’s foreign residents can benefit with new tax donation platform

Japan’s first website for foreigners living in Japan about hometown tax payment, “Furusato Japan”, is now open.
Provided by Luxurique, one of the best features of this web service is that it is available in English and foreign residents who pay taxes in Japan can also use it without any worries.

In its initial phase, four municipalities (Arita, Saga/ Fuji, Shizuoka/ Ichinoseki, Iwate / Kutchan, Hokkaido) are the first to offer a line-up of attractive return gifts from each region.

■ Arita Town, Saga Prefecture
Experience the history and the art of Arita ware (porcelain).

■ Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Enjoy a fishing boat and tea ceremony experience with a view of Mt Fuji.

■ Ichinoseki City, Iwate Prefecture
Experience boat rides in one of Japan’s 100 most scenic spots.

■ Kutchan Town, Hokkaido Prefecture
Experience secret snow courses accompanied by professional snowboarders.

About Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax Payment)

It is a type of donation taxation system that started in Japan in May 2008. (Although it has the word ‘tax payment’, it is actually regarded as a ‘donation’ to the prefecture, municipality or district)

In Japan, the wide gap between rural and metropolitan areas has become a problem. The Hometown Tax Payment scheme was established as a system that allows people to contribute to their hometowns (where they were born and raised), and to choose the municipalities they want to support at their own free will.

Thus, people who made hometown tax payments are entitled to receive a deduction from their income tax and resident tax for the amount of their donations to the municipalities, within the limits stipulated by law.
Aside from a tax reduction, donors will also receive a gift from the area they donated. Gifts can be anything from fruits to travel vouchers and more.

■ Visit its official website for more details
Furusato Japan (ENG)

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