First Muslim-friendly snack souvenir shop in Japan opens in Osaka

Aside from hotel delivery and pick-up services, Muslim tourists can now easily walk in and buy Muslim-friendly snacks and treats as souvenirs directly at JAPANeid Kiosk. The kiosk is located near Dotonbori within a 9-minute walk from the famous Glico sign. JAPANeid is our sister brand that curates and sells Muslim-friendly/Halal Japanese snacks to help bring more Muslim-friendly options of Japan for Muslims worldwide.

Japan’s first halal-oriented beauty salon opens to meet growing need

Japan welcomes its first-ever halal-oriented beauty salon "Halal Snova", introduced by the long-standing "Snova" salon in Ginza. The establishment employs Halal-certified cosmetics and beauty products to provide a beauty experience that aligns with Halal regulations. The salon uses Halal-certified beauty serums, ensuring the utmost safety for Muslim clients. Located near the Tokyo Camii Mosque in Setagaya-ku, this Halal beauty salon offers a unique and tailored beauty experience for the growing Muslim community in Japan.

Finding Halal food and prayer spaces made easy with Japan’s HaloDish

Amidst the increasing number of foreign tourists visiting Japan, eftax, a Japanese IT company, has launched "HaloDish", a mobile search service app for Muslims in Japan on 13 October. Users can find Halal restaurants and mosques, considering not only location and operating hours but also Halal menu information and ingredient processing details. The app addresses the challenges Muslims face in Japan, such as reading food labels and finding suitable places for daily prayers. With a focus on customization, HaloDish allows users to set their dietary preferences. This service aims to...

Mt Fuji Hiking: What You Need to Prepare

Hiking Mount Fuji, the iconic and majestic volcano in Japan, is a thrilling adventure that attracts thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from around the world. With its breathtaking views and rich cultural significance, climbing Mount Fuji is an experience that requires careful preparation. In this post, I will explain (in detail) the essential steps and considerations to ensure a safe and enjoyable hike up Mount Fuji. (more…)

Order by 8/6! JAPANeid June Box on sale with new halal treats

With the end of the 1st and 2nd editions, our Muslim-friendly Japanese snack box 'JAPANeid' continues to offer and deliver exclusive Japanese treats that Muslims can also enjoy in this June Box (3rd edition). Available for order by 8th June 2023 (Thu) via our crowdfunding campaign! As usual, all snacks included are Muslim-friendly that have already been checked for their halal status. So Muslims can rest assured!! Aside from purchasing a box, you can also donate to our campaign to support our wish in increasing the options of Muslim-friendly/Halal treats...

Japan’s first halal food & shopping complex emerges in Yashio (Saitama)

On 3 March 2023, the NATIONAL MART & Halal Yataimura Yashiostan, the first establishment of its kind in Japan to feature a halal food court and supermarket, was established in Yashio, Saitama. Home to many Pakistanis, Yashio City is known as 'Yashiostan', combining the words 'Yashio' and 'Pakistan'. After exiting the north exit of Yashio Station, walk straight down the station street in the direction of City Hall for about eight minutes, passing under Metropolitan Expressway Route 6 and you will reach this complex. The complex sells all kinds of...

Aichi’s unique way to make the area more Muslim-friendly for tourists

Aichi Prefecture has drawn up its 'Vision for Regional Revitalisation Through the Asian Games' for the 20th Asian Games coming up in 2026. Part of this vision, the prefecture held an online exchange session under the theme of Welcoming Muslim Travellers between Aichi University's students and Muslims living in the area, aimed to ensure a comfortable environment for Muslims visiting there. They shared their real-life experiences of how they spent Ramadan in Japan and dealt with food precautions. Later, the students went on a fieldwork in a tourist attraction in...

Japan’s Lawson convenience store now sells halal food at Nagoya centre

A LAWSON convenience store in the Nagoya Regional Immigration Bureau has started selling halal food products compliant with Islamic precepts in mid-January. The store has also started delivery from February to Muslim detainees at the bureau, and reportedly sales have been booming. Previously, Muslim detainees had expressed the difficulty in accessing halal food. With this new service, not just the detainees, but also other Muslims staying near this area can now get an easier access to halal food. Related Article:Lawson’s first futuristic avatar-staffed convenience store opens in TokyoHalal corner at...

‘Halal Beef Bowl’ offered at under half price, Utsunomiya University

Utsunomiya University, a national university in Tochigi Prefecture (Japan), has taken steps to support students in need by offering the cafeteria's popular beef bowl for just 200 yen, which is less than half the usual price, in January.The cafeteria also prepared Halal Beef Bowl for the Muslim students to enjoy at the same price— 200 yen. Related Article:Halal Dumpling “Satsuki” in Utsunomiya