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  • Food donation to Indonesian interns at Matsuyama Kozai

Food donation to Indonesian interns at Matsuyama Kozai

Salam and hello!We at Salam Groovy Japan have been involved in food support for Muslims living in Japan. This time we provided to the Indonesian interns working at MATSUYAMA KOZAI.

Ensuring quality through Halalan Toyyiban

Salam and hello!Japan has a long history of providing top quality products and services.Quality is among the factors that help earn consumer trust, also something in line with the Halalan…

A Muslim-friendly working environment in Japan

Salam and hello!Japan may have few Muslims, but there are companies ready to accommodate the working Muslims.

Halal 101: From syubhah to halal

Salam and hello!As a Muslim-minority country, Halal-certified products are not widely available in Japan. Although most are not certified, some products can be Halal once you know the source.

Completed Halal Awareness Training

Salam and hello, I’m the Malaysian editor of Salam Groovy Japan.Salam Groovy Japan strives to connect Japanese firms and the Islamic market via business perspectives.Knowledge on Halal is a key…

Halal J-beauty: I tried Ocean skincare sample

Salam and hello!I got some halal Japanese skincare samples—Ocean skincare series by Cosmetics Halal & Organic Co., Ltd. Let’s try them!

Easy halal emergency food #2

Salam and hello!Following the halal emergency food series by Onisi Foods, today I’ll be trying the remaining 4 products. Let’s Go!!

Easy halal emergency food in Japan #1

Salam and hello!I’m back with another halal Japanese emergency food review. This time is halal Japanese emergency food by Onisi Foods. There are 6 products and I will introduce them…

Support Muslims in need today! Even small donation can help

Salam and hello!This is Iman, Salam Groovy Japan Muslim staff.

Donate Now to Muslims in Need, Why We Crowdfunding

Salam and hello!This is Iman, Salam Groovy Japan Muslim staff. We at Salam Groovy Japan is currently collecting donations by crowdfunding on LaunchGood to help Muslims living in Japan who…