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Less is More, Muslim guide to J-Beauty

Salam and hello!J-Beauty is popular worldwide and full of innovative, high-quality products with a long history of using natural ingredients. With halal made-in-Japan beauty brands emerging in the market, let’s…

What to expect with halal Japanese emergency food

Salam and hello!In recent years, you can find more halal emergency food from Japan that last longer. But what exactly is “emergency food”? What else can you use it for?…

Is Golden Week a good time for Japan travel

Salam and hello!Any country in the world has a set of their own holidays. Today, let’s talk about a holiday in Japan called Golden Week.

Things in Japan: I ate tatami chopsticks

Salam and hello!You are probably familiar with edible straw. But have you tried edible CHOPSTICKS from tatami?!

Review: Halal snack from Japanese roasted brown rice

Salam and hello!I have some tasty goodness that I want to share with you today.Thanks to TOMO (JAT Inc.), I got to try their new halal snack and some extras.

Review: Muslim-friendly Japanese food, Osechi Ryori

Salam and hello!I recently had the chance to try Muslim-friendly osechi ryori by Hinomoto Shokusan. As I promised in my New Year blog, I want to share what this traditional food is…

Setsubun: How Japan welcomes spring with beans

Salam and hello!As the season gradually changes in Japan from winter to spring, I want to talk to you about an annual Japanese tradition called Setsubun (節分).

Things I find in Japan: New Year culture

Salam and hello!It’s almost a month since we’ve entered 2022. Since it’s a new year, I want to share the new year culture in Japan. And I found a few…

Food donation to Indonesian interns at Matsuyama Kozai

Salam and hello!We at Salam Groovy Japan have been involved in food support for Muslims living in Japan. This time we provided to the Indonesian interns working at MATSUYAMA KOZAI.

Ensuring quality through Halalan Toyyiban

Salam and hello!Japan has a long history of providing top quality products and services.Quality is among the factors that help earn consumer trust, also something in line with the Halalan…