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Meal-in-a-pill with halal ingredients to go global

Cor-an Holdings began accepting pre-orders from December 2021 for its new product RAMUNE-supreme energy-, which uses halal ingredients.

Unbreakable screen door for ventilation & security

Most houses have window screens. It allows the room to ventilate better in hot weather. And with the COVID-19 pandemic, airing out areas where many people gather, such as schools…

New Halal Long-life Food, ANSHIN-MAI Quick

Alpha Foods will start shipping its Halal-certified long-term shelf-stable food*1 “ANSHIN-MAI Quick” series from January 2022. It is ready to eat in 5 minutes after pouring hot water, perfect for outdoor use…

30% sweeter tomato with gene editing by Japanese university

A team of researchers from several Japanese universities, led by Nagoya University, developed a new tomato with higher sugar content using genome editing.

Why did YOU come to Japan? My Neighbour Muslim in Tokyo

“My Neighbour Muslim in Tokyo” is an event to encourage people to interact with international Muslims living in Tokyo. About 500,000 international people are currently live in Tokyo, with about…

Halal food relief for foreign students hit by pandemic

The covid-19 pandemic continues to put international students in financial crisis in Japan. Okayama University received food aid for international students from Hayashibara, having the “SDGs Industry-University Partnership Agreement” with…

For halal ramen, Shizuoka creates Fermented Seafood Extract

To tap into the Halal market, the Shizuoka Prefecture Research Institute of Fishery and Marine Technology created Fermented Seafood Extract. It uses lactic acid bacteria extracted from Shizuoka Prefecture’s skipjack…

Kao to save lives from mosquito with new product

Kao Corporation, a Japanese chemical/cosmetics giant, announces plans for a full-scale project from February 2022. To reduce the impact of diseases (e.g. mosquito-borne dengue fever) through its original developed products.

Glowing silk with great possibilities

Japan began raising silkworms for raw silk to make fabrics since 2,000 years ago. Around 1900, the country became the world’s largest raw silk exporter, surpassing the pioneer of silk…

Aliens also welcome at hot springs of Oita

Oita Prefecture just began a new, unique, “space” inspired city promotion.Known as one of Japan’s leading hot spring regions, Oita to soon become a spaceport as early as 2022 through…