About Salam Groovy Japan

Who We Are

J-Line Corporation, the operator of Salam Groovy Japan, established its Malaysian subsidiary JL CONNECT MALAYSIA in 2013 for business matching between Japanese companies and people in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.
From 2021, the company launched Salam Groovy Japan, a media outlet delivering info on Japan for the Islamic market.

We at the editorial unit of Salam Groovy Japan aspire to not only share information on the web, but also to connect with the Muslim community.
In line with this, we have been engaged in contributing to the community with charitable activities, such as for Eid and Iftar.

[ Past Charity Efforts ]
Salam Groovy Japan gifted halal Hida beef for Ramadan (Iftar in 2020)
Eid gift for Muslims at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (Eid2021)
Halal Japanese food to Muslim in Osaka for Eid (Eid2021)
Donation of crowdfunded food aid complete
Donation to Otsuka Masjid, Japan Islamic Trust
Food donation to Indonesian interns at Matsuyama Kozai
Salam Groovy Japan gave 600 Japanese halal food for Eid2022

Our Vision

Connecting Japanese Companies and Global Muslims with a Business Outlook

Japan is a country where traditional culture and cutting-edge technology co-exist.
We highlight both Japanese companies engaged in halal products and sustainability, as well as the fast-growing ASEAN Islamic market, mainly Malaysia and Indonesia, to contribute towards their growth.

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