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Japan new gadget soon brings online taste to reality

To reduce human contact, online tools have been widely used under the new normal–becoming a global trend. Increasing the opportunities to use online shopping and online meetings tremendously. However, online…

Halal-friendly TOFUMEAT 2nd Prize at Taberu Japan Bimi Awards

The 1st Taberu Japan Bimi Awards was held. TOFUMEAT (a halal-friendly ingredient) selected as the runner-up among 142 nominated products. What kind of ingredient is TOFUMEAT? According to the official…

A suit for badminton? Aoyama Tailor Stretch Suit

Aoyama Tailor, Guinness World Record holder for the most suits sold, released a video of people playing badminton wearing suits.Can a suit cope with the movements of badminton, a popular…

Halal Popular Noodle Shop Gets 2nd Branch in Brunei

TORIDOLL Holdings opened the 2nd Brunei branch of Boat Noodle, which is mainly operating in Southeast Asia. What are the highlights and current progress of this brand famous in Malaysia?

New prayer space for Muslims, Tokyo Skytree®

The Tokyo Skytree®, a popular tourist attraction for international travellers, recently added a new prayer space (musolla). Designed mainly for Muslims—What is it like?

Halal factory is a boost for cosmetics makers

Japan still has very few cosmetic ingredients manufacturers that obtained halal certification.Now, a foreign raw material manufacturer obtained halal certification for its factory in Fukushima.What are the benefits for cosmetic…

CoCo Ichibanya First Halal Chain in Dubai this Autumn

Ichibanya, the company behind the Curry House CoCo Ichibanya, is considering entering Dubai as its first Halal restaurant overseas.Could Japan’s favourite curry restaurant make it in one of the Middle…

Indonesia Travel: A One-Stop Service By Nippon Travel

PT. Jabato International launched a one-stop service plan for business travel procedures.Will the launch of this service for both business travellers and returning ex-pats provide a tailwind for business in…

Chiba Muslim Friendly Map With Latest Update

Chiba City Tourism Info updated its “Muslim Tourist Map” to the latest edition. It is its sixth edition.It contains unique information such as shops offering original sambal.

TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’ Guide, A must for your trip

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) present to you—TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’ Guide that includes restaurants, prayer spaces, ways to ease your troubles during your stay and more. It provides information…