Nagano’s culinary diversity shines with Muslim-Friendly options

As international tourism bounces back, Nagano City is making strides to ensure all visitors, including Muslims, Vegans and Vegetarians, enjoy a rich culinary experience.

Yayoiza (弥生座・門前茶寮), a teahouse near Zenko-ji Temple, embodies this approach by displaying an icon “Modify upon request” on the dishes in their English menus. If a dish has that icon, it means the teahouse can modify the dish according to the Muslim or Vegan customer’s needs.

Nagano City has also created a dedicated pamphlet “SHOKUTABI☆NAGANO”, in collaboration with the “Food and Travel☆NAGANO” organization, listing eateries suitable for Muslims, Vegans and Vegetarians. It even addresses practical concerns, aligning with the city’s goal of a seamless experience.

Ms Akane Yoshizawa, from “SHOKUTABI☆NAGANO” emphasizes, “We personally visited each restaurant to discuss their offerings”. The initiative has been receiving positive feedback from tourists, such as those from Indonesia and Brunei.

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