8 Muslim-friendly alternative spots for these famous closed restaurants in Tokyo-Osaka

Salam/Hello Everyone. Have you ever experienced this situation? You finally visited Japan after the pandemic, but the Muslim-friendly service or Halal restaurant is not in operation anymore when you got there. No need to worry since this page will show you the Muslim-friendly/Halal alternatives to these few closed restaurants, so you won't get lost. (^_-) (more…)

Halal Japanese food & wholehearted hospitality for Muslims in Miyajima, Miyajima Yamaichi

Home to the World Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture is a popular tourist destination known as one of the three most picturesque places in Japan. Miyajima Yamaichi Co., Ltd., which runs a restaurant and ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), provides Halal Japanese food and prayer space for Muslims visiting Miyajima.Let's discover how they came to accommodate Muslims and their future prospects straight from President Teppei Yamamatsu. (more…)

Get halal curry at Haneda Airport’s new one-stop entertainment complex

Inside the new commercial facility opened in Haneda Airport Terminal 3 "Haneda Airport Garden", curry lovers across the globe will find a brand new spot "Japan Loves Curry" (カレーは日本の国民食) where you get to taste a wide selection of curry dishes from two popular curry restaurant chains in Japan: GoGo Curry and Siddique. Great news for Muslim travellers, you can enjoy a variety of halal dishes served at Siddique, a halal Indian-Pakistani restaurant. It has vegetarian options too. Now you don't have to worry on where to eat when you're at...

Halal to vegan! New insta-worthy cafe ‘Kawa Kitchen’ opens in Tokyo

A sustainable-themed café/restaurant designed by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, KAWA KITCHEN, has opened on 1st February in Kuramae, Tokyo. Not only can you enjoy the aesthetics, but the café also serves food that accommodates diverse dietary like halal, vegan, gluten-free, and flexitarian. Close to Asakusa, Kuramae is known as the 'Brooklyn of Tokyo', with its modern and fashionable cafés/stores, while still maintaining the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese downtown area. If you're a café hopper, make sure to drop by! Find out more in the translated link below.

Kobe travel guidebook for Muslims out now (There’s halal Kobe beef too!)

The Kobe Tourism Bureau has released a guidebook 'Muslim Friendly Travel KOBE' with info tailored to the needs of Muslim travellers visiting Kobe (the capital of Hyogo Prefecture located in western Japan), such as restaurants serving halal food and prayer space. In a survey by the bureau, Kobe beef, takoyaki (Akashiyaki) and Kobe sweets are among the gourmet foods Muslims are interested in, while Kobe Mosque took the NO.1 spot as the sightseeing spot they want to visit the most. Check out the guidebook in the translated link below. Related Article:Inbound...

Ultimate halal chicken ramen, Halal Ramen Toribushi opens in Okachimachi

Just a 2-minute walk from Okachimachi Station on the Yamanote Line, Halal Ramen Toribushi opened on 28 November, bringing you tasty Halal ramens and tsukemens*1 with a rich, slow-cooked chicken broth. It is also near the Masjid Assalam (Ueno Okachimachi Mosque), which is about 6 minutes by foot. Aside from ramen dishes, you can enjoy toppings, such as 'Chicken Char Siew' and the classic 'Ajitama' (marinated egg), rice dishes, gyoza and special value set menus. The Okachimachi area is a bustling historical market town. It is more known among foreign...

Halal included! Wakayama launches multilingual supported website ‘Eat Wakayama’

Wakayama Prefecture has launched a 'Multilingual Menu Creation Support' and a 'Search Engine for Restaurants' websites, covering restaurants and other establishments in this prefecture, on 11 November. Named 'EAT WAKAYAMA', this website is an initiative geared towards the recovery of inbound demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the arrival of foreign tourists to the prefecture ahead of the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025.When foreign tourists who cannot read Japanese look at the menu and order, helping them get rid of their concerns about allergies, Halal, and such is becoming a must.