Halal, made-in-Japan pre-skincare serum to enhance your skin’s natural power

Focusing on "taking care of your skin right from the beginning of your regular skincare routine", the ECLAVIA pre-skincare serum is available for everyone worldwide, including Muslims living in Japan and abroad. It has been certified halal by Japan Islamic Trust (JIT)*1 since 2017. What are its features?・Formulated with a rich variety of safe and carefully selected beauty ingredients・No animal-based ingredients・No alcohol・Suitable for all ages *1 Japan Islamic Trust (JIT): accredited and recognized by EIAC, Malaysia’s JAKIM, the Central Islamic Council of Thailand and the Halal standard Institute of Thailand,...

Halal organic toner, enriched with fucoxanthin for healthy skin

meravi brings you organic skincare gentle on the skin formulated with highly purified fucoxanthin, developed to solve various skin problems, from ageing skin to dry, sensitive skin. Its facial toner (keshou-sui)* has been certified Halal by Japan Islamic Trust (JIT).*For Keshou-sui, this brand uses the term "Lotion". Some Japanese brand may uses the English term Emulsifier, Skin conditioner, etc. You may check our blog at the end of this article to learn more about these terms. (more…)

Halal certified Shampoo & Hair treatment

"hito ga hana" has been loved for many years as a hair care product for those concerned about dry and hard/coarse hair due to coloured or damaged hair. In the fall of the 39th year since its development, this product has been renewed to further evolve the concept of "natural and human-friendly" that has continued since its launch, while maintaining the "moist feeling of use". Newly enhanced "damage repair power" and "moisture retention power", evolved as a shampoo and hair treatment. Reborn with VEGAN, Peta, and Halal certifications. Please see...

Halal pore care item – “KEANA BEAUTE”

There is growing awareness of the global environment and health, especially among young people, and interest in cosmetics suitable for this age of diversity is also increasing. Meishoku cosmetics have achieved halal-certified formulations, non-use of animal-derived ingredients, and non-animal testing as formulations in line with these changing times. The product to be released this time is the skin care series “Kana Beaute” which is close to pore concerns and the needs of generations. For detailed product information, please see the link below. Related Article:Halal-certified beauty line to debut by Japan’s...

Try Muslim-friendly Ethical lipstick “BENI” for your lips

A new era of Japanese cosmetics brand that considers the global environment without using plastic in the container or contents - Muslim friendly Ethical lip "BENI" that do not use ingredients derived from pigs or alcohol. Following its launched last year, you can get it through its official online shop. Related Article:Plastic-free & Muslim-friendly ethical lipstick ‘BENI’ launched