Halal, vegan, green skincare line ‘Happiness Beaute’ from Japan adds 4 new products

Focusing on a clean design, the HAPPINESS BEAUTE added 4 new skincare items to its range on 1 November. This skincare line is created by Momotani Juntenkan, a company group with 137 years of history in the beauty/health industry.

In addition to being Halal-certified*1, the products are also vegan-certified by the Vegan Society*2, ensuring the products in this skincare line are clean and suitable for all kinds of people. The new products also include HBP Complex formula developed by Momoya Juntenkan to increase your skin’s basic strength, blended with a rich botanical complex of supportive ingredients.


・Basic STEPS
PURIFYING FACE WASH to eliminate harsh substances from the skin to the greatest extent possible.

・ Plus Active STEPS
Intensive care for your skin problems with these beauty serums: CONTROLLING ESSENCE (skin pores), BRIGHTENING ESSENCE (skin dullness), REVITALIZING ESSENCE (skin firmness).

The line uses eco-friendly bagasse paper derived from non-wood resources, vegetable inks for reduced environmental impact, and a de-plasticised model without PP film or virgin seals.
In Japan, the products are available first at the official MOMOTANI JUNTENKAN shop on Amazon. They will gradually roll out to other parts of the world.

*1 Halal cert.: Momoya Juntenkan Corporation’s Okayama factory is Halal-certified by NAHA in 2020
*2 Vegan Society: the world’s first vegan association, founded in 1944, that coined the term ‘Vegan’. Over 60,000 products are registered in over 79 countries.

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