Joined Halal Wagyu Beef Barbecue in Ichihara, Chiba

Hello everyone! It’s Salam Groovy Japan Editor-in-Chief Okuma here.
After interviewing this company, I was invited to visit Hoshino Farm in Ichihara, Chiba, by the representative of G-BIZ EAST Co., Ltd., Mr. Matsumoto.

On this day, the Ichihara Tourism Navigation (Ichihara DMO) organised a Halal Inbound Day Tour, with lunch at Hoshino Farm. We had the barbecue here.
When it comes to barbecue, people usually think of meat as the main ingredient. But wait a minute, wasn’t all participants are Muslims??!

For Muslims, beef also must be properly prepared according to Islamic law before they can eat it.
This is where Halal Wagyu beef, sold by G-BIZ EAST, comes in.

While grilling these Halal Wagyu beef, the participating Indonesian ladies happily started to whip up something. It was SAMBAL (chili sauce/paste), a standard condiment that appears almost every day on Indonesian tables. Although I had expected it, the sauce is pretty spicy (lol).

But I have found a way to make this hot and spicy sambal easier to eat.

When I put the sambal on the vegetables and buns, it became just a little spicy— I really enjoyed it.
But compared to the ladies, I think I only put about 1/5th of the sauce on my burger… I’m not good with spicy (^^;).
All the Muslims were all smiling and enjoying the delicious Wagyu beef with the sauce to the fullest.

After the scrumptious meal, participants enjoyed touring around Ichihara City before returning home.
Here’s the itinerary of the day tour.
Bonnet bus ride from Yorokeikoku Station on the Kominato Railway to Kannon Bridge, Tour of the double-decker tunnel, Praying at Lake Takataki Office, Barbecue at Hoshino Farm, Sightseeing on an auto rickshaw, Ending at JR Goi Station.

Ichihara DMO and the administration are actively involved in Muslim inbound tourism, with multiple temple cafés, restaurants and hotels in the city offering Halal food. There are also talks of building a mosque in the city in the future.
With restrictions on foreign tourists entering the city now removed, hopefully many more Muslim tourists will visit Ichihara!

Make sure to visit here and Comment down below on which other places you want to visit in Japan!!

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