Halal-certified bento and catering for Muslims, Nankai Catering Service

Nankai Catering Service provides bento (boxed lunches) and buffets made in a central kitchen. Let's check out halal menus by the company from the president, Nobuko Eimoto. Since 1989, our company has predominantly engaged in banquet and party catering.In 2016, we became the first catering company to obtain halal certification. We also provide our clients with food that embraces diverse dietary needs, such as vegetarian and gluten-free. click to enlarge photo Our Hot Delivery® is a hot meal catering service that provides hot meals in a buffet style, which has...

Tasty meal for Muslim & allergic people with halal emergency food

Used in various ways for school lunches, home dining and disaster supplies—Alpha Rice. The manufacturer/seller, ALPHA FOODS, is now increasing its disaster supply line-up to include Halal-certified items. Hear straight from the Sales Planning Dept's Imasaka on its path towards the certification, including what makes Alpha Rice unique and how to use it. (more…)