Get halal souvenir for Muslim tourists in Japan with easy pickup

“I’m travelling to Japan, can I get halal snacks in Japan?” To respond to the voices and feedback received by many followers, our brand “JAPANeid” has started a new Souvenir Pickup service.
“JAPANeid” is our brand that curates and sells Muslim-friendly/Halal Japanese snack bundles.

We’ve been hearing a lot of Muslim tourists finding it hard to get Japanese snacks they can safely eat while travelling in Japan, even though they do want to try the snacks. Apart from delivering halal snack bundles around the world, JAPANeid now allows you to takeaway/pickup halal Japanese treats as souvenirs in Osaka.

  • NO need to pay shipping fee 
  • Pickup location is near a famous Osaka sightseeing spot
  • A wide selection of halal/Muslim-friendly Japanese treats
click photo to go to Google Maps

All you need to do is order online through the JAPANeid website, then pick up your order at the building entrance here (as shown in the map) on your preferred date & time when you’re in Osaka.
If you want to enjoy halal souvenirs on your Japan Trip, be sure to visit the JAPANeid website for more!

Need help about this service? Contact the JAPANeid team via this Contact Form or JAPANeid social media.

We have a network of Japanese companies keen to expand into the Halal market in Malaysia & Indonesia.
If you are interested in connecting with sustainable technology companies in Japan, simply JOIN the network from below. We will match the right one for you!

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