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Halal-friendly TOFUMEAT 2nd Prize at Taberu Japan Bimi Awards

The 1st Taberu Japan Bimi Awards was held. TOFUMEAT (a halal-friendly ingredient) selected as the runner-up among 142 nominated products. What kind of ingredient is TOFUMEAT? According to the official…

Arima Food Lab: Kobe’s Best Nuts Snack in Malaysia

Upon hearing that the long-established beans snack shop “Arima HOKODO” expanded its business to Malaysia, selling halal-certified goods. We interviewed Yoshito Arima, president of its local subsidiary.What is its objective…

Eid’s Donation of Halal Food to Japan Da’wah Centre

Hello!I’m Iman, Groovy Japan’s Malaysian staff.  This year, we will also be providing halal food to the Japan Da’wah Centre in Osaka, a Muslim exchange centre. We’ll provide (1) Halal…

Donating Halal Japanese food for Eid celebration!

Hello.I’m Okuma, the editor-in-chief of Groovy Japan. For Muslims, there is a month of Ramadan (fasting month) every year.This year, Ramadan falls from April 13 to May 12, and during…

Halal Popular Noodle Shop Gets 2nd Branch in Brunei

TORIDOLL Holdings opened the 2nd Brunei branch of Boat Noodle, which is mainly operating in Southeast Asia. What are the highlights and current progress of this brand famous in Malaysia?

Offer Halal Japanese Food: Hinomoto Shokusan Total Adherence

Providing Japanese delicacies that meet the stringent international Halal standard—Hinomoto Shokusan Co., Ltd. brings tastiness and reassurance to Muslims (who have dietary requirements), with “Japanese Food Made Accessible to All”…

Progressive Food Accessibility, Soup Stock Tokyo

Soup Stock Tokyo has taken different initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion, as well as ‘Food’ made accessible to all (barrier-free food) such as halal menus.

Halal Ramen Honolu goes on sale at Malaysia’s DONKI

Ramen Honolu—a halal ramen restaurant developed a shelf-stable product for export. It is now available in Don Quijote’s first Malaysian outlet, JONETZ by DONDONKI LOT10 Store.

Premium Food Show 2021: Discover Latest Food Trends, Halal

Halal, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic—a trade show dedicated to the world’s emerging food trends will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from 21 (Wed)–23 April (Fri).

Support Halal-friendly restaurant! Give back to society for ¥10 daily

DOYAKAI, an operator of a restaurant search website with halal options, released an app with coupons usable at all of its shops listed.Proceeds will distribute to the shops listed.