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  • For food diversity, Kyoto Seika now has Halal bento

For food diversity, Kyoto Seika now has Halal bento

Kyoto Seika University now offers Halal and Vegan bento from 1 October as part of its efforts to promote food diversity on campus.The university announced its pro-diversity stance in March…

Healthy konjac dessert now halal-certified, Marukin Foods

Marukin Foods acquired halal certification from the Japan Halal Business Association (JHBA) for export to Islamic markets such as Malaysia and Singapore. The company manufactures–distributes processed soybean products, konjac, and…

Halal ramen Honolu operator selected for METI subsidy program

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) announced the selected project list for its 2021 subsidy scheme, “JAPAN Brand Development Assistance Program”.Among those listed, you can see the name…

Halal food developer awarded by Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office Japan

Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office awarded the 2021 Women’s Challenge Award to Tomomi Iwakiri, CEO of NARUMI, an Oita-based company.She earned it for her role in producing and distributing ready-to-eat…

All halal-certified foods, Mr.HALAL food truck opens for franchising

Mr. Halal runs a food truck specialising in Chicken Over Rice.All ingredients used in the menus are halal-certified, ensuring Muslim customers can enjoy the food at ease.

Halal, Global, Fujicco partners with Indonesia-Japan trader

Fujicco formed a joint venture with the founder of the Masaya Group, a Japanese food trading company in Indonesia, and two others. The joint venture aims to develop Fujicco products…

Halal certified Japan’s snack on sale in Malaysia

Arima Hokodo launched halal-certified products at major retailers in Malaysia in spring 2021.Find out what the company is up to in the Malaysian market.

More halal curry and spices to be made, House Foods

The House Foods Group set to expand its production of Halal curry, wasabi and other spices. It’s a move made possible through the group’s Indonesian subsidiary with the necessary funding…

Halal flying meal for school trip now available

Amid international flight suspension, JMRS Corp. and Air Charter Japan launched the “Flying School Lunch Box” for school or field trips. Halal meals are also available.

Halal vending machine Nyonya Mart, Safer food to Muslims

Nyonya Mart, a vending machine selling halal food products, has been installed in Fukuoka Prefecture.Take a look at this halal vending machine welcomed by Muslim users.