Strawberry-picking: TOP 5 ranking of the most popular spots in Japan

Juicy, Plump, Delicious! Strawberry is one of the highlights of Japan’s springtime that you don’t want to miss. And what better way to enjoy this fruit than STRAWBERRY PICKING.
Strawberry picking is a popular activity among the locals and foreigners, with many farms across Japan letting you pick and eat fresh strawberries on your own. Some farms even provide chocolate sauces, snacks or drinks that you can enjoy together with the strawberries.

Here are the TOP 5 strawberry picking spots across Japan ranked by popularity, based on the Japanese digital magazine Walkerplus. It is recommended to make a booking before visiting.

  1. Yokohama Strawberry Park (Kanagawa)
    Picking period: All-year round
  2. ICHIGO HOUSE. (Tokyo)
    Picking period: Around December – May
  3. Harvest Hill (Osaka)
    Picking period: Around January – May
  4. Setagaya Strawberry Farm (Tokyo)
    Picking period: Around January – June
  5. Tsukuihama Tourist Farm (Kanagawa)
    Picking period: Around January – May

Find out more in the translated link below. Let us know in the comments below on what kind of spots you would like to know!

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