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Aliens also welcome at hot springs of Oita

Oita Prefecture just began a new, unique, “space” inspired city promotion.Known as one of Japan’s leading hot spring regions, Oita to soon become a spaceport as early as 2022 through…

Hot spring help beat illness based on gut bacteria research

Beppu is famous as a hot spring city with the most number and water flow of hot springs in Japan.And that Beppu has a piece of good news to share…

Giant slide at Osaka famous Tsutenkaku awaits you

Osaka’s famous Tsutenkaku, the city’s symbolic tower, will have a new interactive attraction, “TOWER SLIDER”. Set to open at the end of April 2022.

A Day in Muslim-friendly Aichi: Escape the City Course

Do you want to escape the busy cityscape? Want to enjoy cherry blossoms and autumn leaves together? AICHI has the spot for you.

Hokkaido’s halal food & prayer room portal adds new info

For Muslims and Vegetarians, “Welcome HOKKAIDO” introduces gourmet food, prayer facilities and hotels in Hokkaido. 27 allergy-friendly hotels are now added to the website.

Aichi Seeks Muslim Media to Promote Post-COVID Tourism

Looking ahead to Post-COVID, Aichi Prefecture began recruiting subcontractors for the “Muslim Media Invitation & Information Dispatch Project”. The project aims to stimulate the flow of Muslim tourists to the…

Muslim-friendly Yamanashi Tourism PR Film for Arab World

IGLOOO Inc., an inbound marketing and promotion company focusing on the Middle East, Europe, the United States and Australia, produced and released a promotional video to introduce Yamanashi Prefecture’s attractive…

Muslim Tourism in Hida Takayama and Beyond

From 6 April, Hida Takayama Food Barrier-free Association was established to promote food made accessible to all (barrier-free food) with halal, kosher and allergy-friendly. Hida Takayama is known as a…

New prayer space for Muslims, Tokyo Skytree®

The Tokyo Skytree®, a popular tourist attraction for international travellers, recently added a new prayer space (musolla). Designed mainly for Muslims—What is it like?

Chiba Muslim Friendly Map With Latest Update

Chiba City Tourism Info updated its “Muslim Tourist Map” to the latest edition. It is its sixth edition.It contains unique information such as shops offering original sambal.