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This Is How Japan Keep Raw Food Safe

I saw a comment on Facebook that sounds a bit like so,“In Japan and Korea, cases of tapeworms or roundworms caused by eating raw foods, such as sushi and sashimi…

Wheelbarrow now electric, Gadget to ease farming

Japan’s agriculture scene welcomes a wheelbarrow motorized device to help farmers easily transport heavy loads.Let’s uncover this handy device!

Who made the world’s first instant noodles?

Not many may know that the WORLD’S FIRST instant noodle was actually made by a Japanese—Momofuku Ando in 1958.How did Ando make instant noodles?

Japan boasts world’s longest-living people & firms

Japanese people has a long life expectancy amongst the world.But did you know that Japan also have many businesses running for more than 100 years?

Accessible to people abroad, Rich with novelty KABUKI

Kabuki is a traditional but ever-evolving form of folk theatre unique to Japan.With its exotic allure, here are some of the fun and intriguing aspects of Kabuki.

How will robots rescue Japanese agriculture?

A Japanese company uses automated robots to enhance organic rice farming efficiency. How does it work?

How many do you know? Sushi Secrets

Sushi is a globally famous Japanese food. Discover some of its secrets that you may not be aware of.

What is Bonito or Katsuobushi Flakes?

Takoyaki is one of the Japanese food popular among tourists. Topped of with its special sauce, mayonnaise and the “brown” flakes. What do you call the thing on top of…

No water supply: WOSH a sustainable hand wash

In midst of the pandemic, hand washing has become the new normal of our lives.Japan has come out with a hand washing stand WOSH that can provide clean water without…

Manicure Finger, Weird shaped Japanese grapes

Famous for Kyoho grapes, Japan has developed different species using its advanced technology.Here’s a look on an unusual-looking grapes: MANICURE FINGER.