Salam Groovy Japan upgrades with new social news feature

Thank you for your continued support of Salam Groovy Japan. Launched to create and stimulate business opportunities for Japanese companies in the Islamic market across Malaysia and Indonesia, our website has recently undergone a system renewal to enhance both our curation and social media relations. With the renewal, the website now evolves into an environment that can instantly deliver information that could not have been made into articles before.By covering all information in niche fields, we plan to further boost the accessibility of our portal to both Japanese entities and...

Conducted Halal & Islamic market workshop in our company

Salam Groovy Japan operator J-Line consists of different divisions and teams involved in recruitment support, web marketing, e-commerce, regional promotion, and overseas project.We conducted an in-company workshop for the members outside of the overseas project team to learn the basics of Halal and the Islamic market to be prepared for future collaboration. (more…)