Lawson’s first futuristic avatar-staffed convenience store opens in Tokyo

Lawson Japan has opened 'Green Lawson' in Tokyo, its first convenience store staffed by on-screen avatars remotely controlled by employees. Aiming to solve manpower shortages and building a society where everyone can play an active role, this initiative makes it possible for even those with mobility issues to work. 'Green Lawson' is a sustainable store that tackles on social issues (e.g. food loss, plastic waste) with eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives, such as this avatar customer service and eliminating usage of plastic bags and cutleries. Click the link for more. Related...

Journey to Amami Oshima Island Part 1

Hi everyone! Konnichiwa! Let me introduce myself. You can call me Hood; I'm from Malaysia, and my favourite food is the infamous sushi!I have been living in Japan for 7 years: 2 years studying in Okayama and 5 years working in Japan. I spent most of my years in Kagoshima prefecture, my second home, or in Japanese, we say Dai Ni no Furusato. (more…)

Notice of Winter Holidays

Thank you for your continued support.Salam Groovy Japan will be unavailabe from 29 December 2022 (Thu) until 4 January 2023 (Wed) due to the winter holidays in Japan.All enquiries received after 5pm on 28th December 2022 (Wed) will be replied after 5th January 2023 (Thu). We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.Although we are away, you can still get the latest news as usual on this website. So stay updated with Salam Groovy Japan! Have a great new year!

The best from Japan! Halal Aomori-made fruit juices coming to Malaysia, more Muslim nations

The Japanese processor/supplier of Aomori agricultural products, JA Aoren (The Farm Village Industry Federation of Aomori Prefectural Agricultural Cooperatives), will export new halal apple and peach juice products from January 2023 to the Muslim world, starting with Malaysia, followed by Thailand and Singapore. Did you know that the famous Japanese apple, Fuji Apples, comes from Aomori? Not only is Aomori the NO.1 apple-producing prefecture in Japan, but its apples also have one of the best quality in the world.JR Aoren has been advancing its initiatives, obtaining halal certification for its...