Aichi’s unique way to make the area more Muslim-friendly for tourists

Aichi Prefecture has drawn up its ‘Vision for Regional Revitalisation Through the Asian Games’ for the 20th Asian Games coming up in 2026. Part of this vision, the prefecture held an online exchange session under the theme of Welcoming Muslim Travellers between Aichi University’s students and Muslims living in the area, aimed to ensure a comfortable environment for Muslims visiting there.

They shared their real-life experiences of how they spent Ramadan in Japan and dealt with food precautions. Later, the students went on a fieldwork in a tourist attraction in Gamagori City to review the perspectives mentioned in the online session.
With the info gained, proposals will be made to the city to improve the Muslim welcoming system at tourist attractions.

Besides this, Aichi Prefecture has been putting on efforts to accommodate Muslims by creating a Muslim Guide Map, an exclusive tourism site with useful Muslim info and so on. So for your next destination, why not make a visit to Aichi?!

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