8 Muslim-friendly alternative spots for these famous closed restaurants in Tokyo-Osaka

Salam/Hello Everyone. Have you ever experienced this situation? You finally visited Japan after the pandemic, but the Muslim-friendly service or Halal restaurant is not in operation anymore when you got there. No need to worry since this page will show you the Muslim-friendly/Halal alternatives to these few closed restaurants, so you won't get lost. (^_-) (more…)

Halal food truck is coming to Gotemba Premium Outlet for a special time only

Located at the base of Mt. Fuji, Gotemba Premium Outlet will have an assembly of food trucks offering various gourmet foods to support health-conscious customers, including halal menus on 25–26 March 2023. The food trucks are a part of the event "Wellness Shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlets!" that will be held at the outlet on 25 Mac–31 May 2023 to promote health. Gotemba Premium Outlets is Japan's most popular outlet, receiving lots of love from Muslim and other international tourists as well. Apart from a wide selection of stores and...

Halal Japanese food & wholehearted hospitality for Muslims in Miyajima, Miyajima Yamaichi

Home to the World Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture is a popular tourist destination known as one of the three most picturesque places in Japan. Miyajima Yamaichi Co., Ltd., which runs a restaurant and ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), provides Halal Japanese food and prayer space for Muslims visiting Miyajima.Let's discover how they came to accommodate Muslims and their future prospects straight from President Teppei Yamamatsu. (more…)

Japan’s first large halal mart Bongo Bazar offers items with helpful display for Muslims

Located in Misato, Saitama, BONGO BAZAR is the first large-scale halal supermarket selling all kinds of products from overseas and Japan, including halal wagyu beef, Asian spices, delicatessen, and tropical fruits like durian. On the shelves, customers can find indicators, such as Muslim-friendly, Non Halal, Syubhah, and Halal-certified, to help them easily check which products they can consume. With halal Japanese products increasing, the supermarket also has a dedicated shelf for halal food products in Japan. If you're in the area, make sure to stop by!Find out more in the...

More halal food to be added in Japanese low-cost Gyomu Super lineup

Kobe Bussan, operating a franchise of "Gyomu Super", has set out in its medium-term management plan for 2024 to "further enhance its range of Halal products and others". Gyomu Super is a low-cost and affordable supermarket that offers a wide range of halal food products, from condiments to confectionery. Beyond for commercial use, they are also well-recognised by Muslims living in Japan, leading to increased sales.When you visit Japan, just head on to the nearest Gyomu Super for some halal food shopping! Related Article:Malaysia’s first Japanese low-cost supermarket opens in...

Halal to vegan! New insta-worthy cafe ‘Kawa Kitchen’ opens in Tokyo

A sustainable-themed café/restaurant designed by the famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, KAWA KITCHEN, has opened on 1st February in Kuramae, Tokyo. Not only can you enjoy the aesthetics, but the café also serves food that accommodates diverse dietary like halal, vegan, gluten-free, and flexitarian. Close to Asakusa, Kuramae is known as the 'Brooklyn of Tokyo', with its modern and fashionable cafés/stores, while still maintaining the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese downtown area. If you're a café hopper, make sure to drop by! Find out more in the translated link below.

Confectionery utopia! Muslims can pray & shop in comfort at Shiroi Koibito Park

As Shiroi Koibito Park, a theme park in Hokkaido run by the confectionery manufacturer ISHIYA that produces Shiroi Koibito biscuits, regularly receives a lot of tourists from Malaysia and others, the park has prayer rooms for Muslim visitors to pray.Prayer rooms are separated for men and women on 2nd floor of the Tudor House, with built-in wudu (ablution) facilities and prayer mats. Shiroi Koibito is a popular souvenir choice among many travellers from overseas. Besides the biscuit, you can find many other chocolate products from ISHIYA here on the 1st...

Ninja experience with prayer space, English support, VR at Ninja-Do(Osaka)

Close to some of Osaka's famous sightseeing spots like Abeno Harukas, Ninja-Do (忍者堂 Ninja-Do) allows you to learn the ways of a shinobi (ninja), from how to walk to shuriken lessons, with English language support. Apart from ninja training, there's even a designated free time for you to visit some sightseeing spots near here while wearing a ninja costume. On top of that, you can experience fighting against samurais and ninjas via VR (virtual reality), with additional fees. There are 3 VR courses: Samurai, Ninja and Armour, which you will...

Where Muslims (vegan) can eat, pray at Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea

Tokyo Disneyland is one of the most visited theme parks in Japan, attracting many Disney fans from around the world. But when speaking of Disney theme parks in Tokyo, you can't forget about Tokyo DisneySea too.What's the difference? Are there halal or vegan-friendly food? How to pray, if you are a Muslim? Let's check out all the options you have to make sure you can enjoy these 2 theme parks to the fullest. (more…)