“HOTEL YUGAF INN OKINAWA” with Muslim-Friendly services and facilities

"HOTEL YUGAF INN OKINAWA" offers "Muslim Friendly Services" for Muslim customers.Services include preparation of prayer rooms, preparation of prayer mats in guest rooms, prayer timetables in the Okinawa area, prayer directions, and Muslim-Friendly menus at restaurants using special cooking utensils and cooking only with halal ingredients. Enjoy your stay in Okinawa! Please see the link below for more details. Related Posts:Muslim-friendly Paprika Hotel with musalla & halal restaurant

Latest Muslim guidebook with interactive travel experience, Okayama City

The latest edition of Okayama Muslim Guidebook introduces you to interactive sightseeing trips that include farmhouse stays, fruit picking and more.Discover how Okayama Health Tourism Association (the publisher) encourages Muslim-friendly travel from Mr Narahara of the Okayama City Industry and Tourism Bureau's Tourism Div Promotion/MICE Promotion Div. (more…)

Certified halal, leading global flavour & fragrance expert/SHIONO KORYO

Fragrances and flavours are indispensable in food, beverages and cosmetics. With various locations abroad and over 50 different types of high-quality halal-certified flavours, SHIONO KORYO is a reputable fragrance expert with more than 200 years of experience.Discover the company's comprehensive approach to catering to Japanese and international manufacturers. (more…)

Tasty meal for Muslim & allergic people with halal emergency food

Used in various ways for school lunches, home dining and disaster supplies—Alpha Rice. The manufacturer/seller, ALPHA FOODS, is now increasing its disaster supply line-up to include Halal-certified items. Hear straight from the Sales Planning Dept's Imasaka on its path towards the certification, including what makes Alpha Rice unique and how to use it. (more…)