Muslim-friendly open-air bath facility to build in Fukuoka

Nayuta, in Fukuoka Prefecture, held a crowdfunding campaign to build a new Muslim-friendly facility with an open-air bath, a large bathhouse and an open-air wood-fired sauna called “THE VANISH”, to attract tourism. And the campaign has achieved a 121% success!
Nayuta is a multi-use facility with a vegan restaurant and onigiri bar. The facility does not serve alcohol and the entire facility, including the restaurant, is Muslim-friendly.

The project aims to build new saunas and open-air baths. Inside the baths and open-air baths, curtains and walls will be installed to provide privacy for Muslims so that they can easily bathe there.

Once completed, this facility will sure be another exciting Muslim-friendly spot for you to try on your future Japan Trip!!
In the meantime, you can check out more details about this facility in the translated link below.

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