Japan’s biggest Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu, 600 highway bus daily

One of Japan’s largest bus terminals in front of Tokyo Station is partially finished and opened for business on 17 September. It is due to be fully built within the next six years.

Bus Terminal Tokyo Yaesu is located in the basement of the 45-storey building Tokyo Midtown Yaesu.

Up to now, the highway bus stops in front of Tokyo Station used to be in more than 10 different locations. However, with the opening of this huge bus terminal, they will finally come under one roof. Around 600 buses a day will operate there, with hopes of improving convenience and the road environment.

When travelling in Japan, trains including the shinkansen (bullet train) that runs on time are a popular transport option. But you should definitely include highway buses as part of your transport options for a more enjoyable trip.

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