Muslim-friendly, plant-based, healthy ‘Lactic Acid Bacteria from Forest Shirakami’ to boost product value

‘Lactic Acid Bacteria from Forest Shirakami’, a natural plant-based and functional ingredient developed by LAVIEPRE Co., Ltd., has secured the ‘No Animal’ and ‘No Pork No Alcohol’ recommendation marks by Japan Business Halal Association (JHBA). The ingredient is mainly available for food product manufacturers involved in health, beauty and sports, expecting to improve product value with its functionality.

‘No Animal’ and ‘No Pork No Alcohol’ recommendation marks are verification by JHBA that no primary raw materials of animal, pork and alcohol origin are used in the products by inspecting material specifications and such.
Going forward, the company plans to continue its efforts to acquire halal, kosher (Jewish certification system) and vegan certifications, while developing more food ingredients that transcend religion/policy/handicap, etc. to help people worldwide attain good health.

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