UNIQLO UT PEACE FOR ALL project: Hana Tajima Graphic T-Shirt

The world needs peace now more than ever. With just a simple T-shirt, UNIQLO can help make the world a better place. Introducing the UNIQLO UT PEACE FOR ALL project: an ongoing collection of T-shirts designed by world-renowned leaders in art, design, literature, science and sport. HANA TAJIMA Designer / UK-born fashion designer, Hana Tajima is changing the way women dress all over the world. Her contemporary, functional designs, which are both culturally sensitive and extremely versatile, continue garnering international attention.

Biomass oil from Malaysian peat! Japan’s euglena unveils groundbreaking findings

Image is for illustrative purposes Japanese bio-venture euglena Co, Ltd with RIKEN (a large Japanese research institute) and a Malaysian university research team succeeded in identifying and isolating a new lipid-producing, acid-tolerant algae: Tetratostichococcus, from Malaysian peatlands.The research results have been published in the Journal of Applied Phycology (22 May 2022). (more…)

STARBUCKS RESERVE® ROASTERY TOKYO regional revitalization project                             

Starbucks Coffee Japan Co., Ltd.announced that will release a new product of "JIMOTO made + Tsugaru Vidro", which is the second version of "JIMOTO made +" developed from Japan, from July 12, 2022 (Tuesday). In addition to the popular "JIMOTO made + Tsugaru Vidro Day Sakura / Night Sakura 330ml" from last year, we have newly prepared 5 types of lineup to create a colorful summer table scene.