World-first:Toyota uses antibacterial seat belt on its next-gen taxi

Toyota Motor’s commercial taxi service, JPN TAXI, is the first in the world to adopt the new anti-bacterial seat belts developed by TOKAI RIKA CO, LTD.

Launched in October 2017, JPN TAXI is Japan’s own next-generation taxi service, with high fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions by using an LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)-hybrid system. While, encouraging a more universal and barrier-free society through its taxis.

The new anti-bacterial seat belts include photocatalyst and silver-based anti-bacterial agents added to the belt, tongue and buckle parts. All of which are parts where passengers touch when riding the car. The product is highly effective in preventing bacteria growth with high anti-bacterial properties, helping to ensure comfort for all passengers.

First discovered in 1967, photocatalysis*1 is a Japan-originated technology nominated for a Nobel Prize.

In Japan, the COVID-19 pandemic led to more use of anti-bacterial application on train straps, toilet seats in public toilets, and so on. This has made the environment more comfortable and cleaner than ever before.
With Japan gov’t may soon lift travel restrictions for tourism purposes, many exciting experiences are waiting for you, right here in Japan. See you soon!

*1 Photocatalysis: also known as ‘artificial photosynthesis’. It is a technology for converting photonic energy (comes from solar irradiation) to chemical energy (includes hydrogen) by using some semiconductors (typically TiO2) as the photocatalysts. [source: Science Direct]

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