New Osaka station to get world’s first mobile platform doors in spring 2023

JR West Japan, a railway operator in western Japan, revealed a new state-of-the-art platform screen door to the public.

Platform screen doors in urban stations are becoming widespread to prevent passengers from falling off. But the problem with the existing fixed type is that it cannot adapt to the number and position of doors, as they vary according to the train type.

That is where this newly developed platform screen door comes in. It is called a “full-screen” type with its height reaching all the way up to the ceiling.
This is also the first MOVEABLE full-screen platform screen door of this kind in the world.

In addition, JR West Japan also revealed a system that displays the destination guide if the passenger pre-registers on the smartphone app.
These features will be installed at the new Umekita Station (Osaka), slated to open in spring 2023.

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