Automated driving mobility service might start in Japan

WHILL Inc. autonomous driving mobility service demonstration experiment at Narita Airport will start. It is a new attempt at "WHILL Automatic Driving Mobility Service". According to research by WHILL, this case is the world's first experiment in which self-driving personal mobility carries a person to move all from the departure point to the target boarding gate by automatic driving across all floors.

Biomass oil from Malaysian peat! Japan’s euglena unveils groundbreaking findings

Image is for illustrative purposes Japanese bio-venture euglena Co, Ltd with RIKEN (a large Japanese research institute) and a Malaysian university research team succeeded in identifying and isolating a new lipid-producing, acid-tolerant algae: Tetratostichococcus, from Malaysian peatlands.The research results have been published in the Journal of Applied Phycology (22 May 2022). (more…)