Japan invents ‘electric chopsticks’ to boost saltiness with electric

Kirin, a major Japanese beverage giant, and a research team led by Prof Homei Miyashita of Meiji University worked together to invent ‘Electric Chopsticks’. A device that artificially enhances our…

3D-printed homes may make house-buying like buying a car

Serendix Inc join hands with a world-leading expert in 3D printing technology, Hiroya Tanaka (professor of Keio University), to build a house for the general public. The project aims to…

Talking Hello Kitty Robot even guides people at tourist facility

NTTEast and Sanrio will release a Hello Kitty communication robot.

Restaurant near Haneda Airport with robot chef, waiter & more

Kawasaki Heavy Industries opened Future Lab HANEDA for open innovation*1 in robotics on 20 April 2022 in Haneda Innovation City, a large-scale complex next to Haneda Airport.

Japan to soon have humanoid robots like in anime in few years

Like something out of an anime universe, such robots are ready to take action on construction sites in Japan.

Fish grow 1.6x faster by greenlight, New land aquaculture tech in Japan

Land-based aquaculture of fish is currently in the spotlight in Japan.A major turning point has come from the era of catching fish to ‘making’ fish on land. These changes are…

Japan research team creates self-healing magic glass when it breaks

Broken glass cannot return to its original form.For the first time in the world, a Japanese university research team overturned this common knowledge with their development and research of this…

Japan builds its first 3D-printed house in just 23 hours

Serendix Inc, a 3D printed house specialist, unveiled the completed Sphere, the first 3D printed house in Japan.The construction took 23 hours and 12 minutes, meeting their development target of…

Japan to soon farm by rideable Yakul-like 4-legged robot

Kawasaki Heavy Industries, one of Japan’s three major heavy industrial firms, unveiled its RHP Bex four-legged walking robot for the first time at the 2022 International Robot Exhibition at Tokyo Big Sight.

Labour-saving commercial dishwasher with half the staff

Image (from left): ①Remove Lid→②Soaking→③Turn/Separate→④Wash→⑤Sorting Full-line commercial kitchen equipment maker NAKANISHI MFG. has demonstrated an innovative cleaning system at the 1st Foodtech Japan Osaka. It cuts dishwashing tasks by half,…