Real-time shade map to avoid Japan’s blazing summer heat

Navitime Japan, a prominent Japanese navigation service provider, has launched ‘Hikage Map’ (=Shade Map) on its walking application ALKOO by NAVITIME for Android OS.

Shade Map shows shaded areas on the map in real time, based on calculations such as building height and the altitude of the sun. It is available throughout Japan for free.
Unfortunately, there is no mention of multilingual support in its press release.

Summer in Japan is getting hotter and hotter year after year.
When you visit Japan in summer for sightseeing you may experience a condition called ‘heat stroke’, as the high humidity that comes with that intense heat drains your strength. To avoid this, you should take proper precautions against the heat.

In fact, the daily weather forecast issued this message: “Please avoid unnecessary outings for the sake of protecting your life”.

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