Shibuya 2026, Japan’s first major wooden shopping mall

Image after construction (storefront)

Shibuya Crossing is perhaps the most famous spot for foreign tourists among Tokyo tourist attractions. The shopping mall Shibuya Marui, a 3-minute walk from there, will temporarily close on 28 August 2022, with plans to reopen in 2026 as Japan’s first genuine wooden shopping complex.

Opened in 1971, Shibuya Marui has been in business for almost 50 years.
From the 1980s to the early 2000s, it became one of Japan’s trend-setting fashion hubs, evolving with the needs of our times, such as holding anime events and other content in recent years.

Image after construction (rooftop, shop interior)

Its rebirth as Japan’s first full-scale wooden shopping complex is expecting to reduce CO2 emissions by approx. 2,000 tonnes compared to existing steel-frame buildings, based on the construction process.
In addition, the building design focuses on traditional Japanese construction techniques. It will incorporate the efficient use of natural energy sources, such as natural materials and solar power. After the reopening, the facility will continue to adopt the best sustainable technologies, such as renewable energy-derived electricity. Thus, the facility will become more sustainable by encouraging eco-friendly practices.

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