Paper toothpaste now in hotels, no tubes, less plastic waste

The Japanese government has set a target of a cumulative 25% reduction in single-use plastics by 2030. And on 1 April, the Plastic Resource Circulation Act, initiated by the Ministry of the Environment, came into effect.

For example, imagine you are travelling in Japan. You stay in a hotel, where items such as toothbrushes, razors and hairbrushes are provided for free. And most of them are made of plastic.

Many Japanese companies are starting to tackle the challenges of achieving a sustainable society.
The Howa Corporation, for example, operator of the sustainable brand MiYO Organic, has launched a new range of Toothpaste Paper™ with 98% less plastic than before.
The new product comes in a set with the company’s pre-sold bamboo toothbrushes, further reducing the plastic parts.

Regular toothpaste is sold in paste form contained in a tube. By making it in paper form, those tubes are no longer needed, significantly reducing the number of plastic products. Plus, it is lighter and more compact, making it more portable.

The body size is H70 mm x W70 mm (outer packaging) and H16 mm x W23 mm (product size). The paper packaging is laminated with thin polyethene on the inside to protect the quality of the product. Available in a refreshing mint flavour containing 4 sheets.
*this product is not halal-certified

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