Plastic-free, world’s first paper razor by Japan’s cutlery firm

The development of plastic-free products is gaining speed in Japan.
Global cutlery manufacturer Kai Corporation launches the Paper Razor®, designed with a paper handle.

Available at Lawson, a major convenience store chain in Japan, from 22 March. Price is JPY152 (tax incl.; ≈USD1).

The Paper Razor reduces parts made from plastic by 98% compared to existing razors.
Last April 2021, the company conducted a test launch on their official online store, selling out in just three days.

Kai’s Paper Razor is thin, compact, weighing only about 4grams, with its handle made from paper that you can easily fold. It comes in about 5mm flat packaging, making it convenient and perfect to carry around. It is catching on as a new trend.

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