Fresh sashimi? No, it’s a plant-based fish

Soy-based meat alternatives are a growing market globally. And the trend is extending beyond meat-like processed foods.

“Just Like Fish Series” (まるで魚シリーズ; Maru de Sakana Series) was launched under the Green Surf brand by Japanese marine products processor Azuma Foods last year. As the name says, “Just Like Fish Series” is a range of foods that replicate the appearance of salmon, tuna and squid sashimi.
When you slice the product thinly, you can hardly tell the difference between it and real sashimi. Since its launch, the product has been featured in many media.

Featured in TV Tokyo BIZ

The main ingredient of this product is konjac flour. Konjac is a common ingredient in traditional Japanese cooking, gaining public interest as a dietary food in recent years. It is also often used in various health-oriented processed foods.

The product is free from 28 allergens*1.
Apart from protecting marine fishery resources, the product also allows people to enjoy the sensation of eating sashimi, even if they dislike the fishy smell or cannot eat fish due to their body nature.

Of course, the product can also serve as a great new ingredient in many different dishes than sashimi. Yes, the possibilities are endless; It’s all up to your creativity.

“Just Like Fish Series” 3-piece Tasting Set
1 salmon/1 tuna/1 squid, JPY 2,700 (tax included; about USD 24)

[Update] this product has obtained Vegan certification on 5 April 2022.

*1 28 allergens: this refers to the ‘Specific Food Allergens’. Japan has 28 ingredients identified as allergens under the Food Sanitation Act. Including the 7 specific allergens (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, egg, milk, peanut), which manufacturers must label on their products.

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