Japan No.2 among non-Islamic countries, Provide info for Muslim tourists

Screenshot of JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) Muslim Travelers' Guide HP As we enter the COVID-19 endemic era, the global demand for tourism is expected to increase.The 3rd World Islamic Tourism Conference (WITC) was held from 17-19 October in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, releasing a report about how well National Tourism Organisations (NTOs) are preparing online to accommodate Muslim travellers. (more…)

Mt. Daisen in western Tottori covered in “Seven Colours”

Introducing the autumn foliage of Mt. Daisen, which begins to change colours in early October and peaks from late to early November. The scenery of the forests at the foot of the mountain dyed in vermillion, orange and yellow is one of the most beautiful in Japan, with many tourists visiting from all over the country in search of this natural art. Daisen, Tottori Prefecture's famous peak, is often praised as "Mt. Fuji in the east, Daisen in the west." Many people are moved by the way the whole mountain...

10 million-dollar view – Nagasaki Ropeway & Mount Inasa

Last year, Mount Inasa Park was selected as one of the world's top three night views, along with Monaco and Shanghai. Rising 333 meters above sea level in the center of Nagasaki, Mount Inasa Park in the Inasa mountain range is a natural park beloved by the residents of the city. The summit features a glass-enclosed circular dome lookout from which one can enjoy a 360-degree view of the spectacular scenery. On clear days, one can even see Mount Unzen, the Amakusa area, and the Goto chain of islands. The summit...

Inbound measures by the Kobe Tourism Bureau

The Kobe Tourism Bureau is developing the "KOBE WELCOME Support" project since immigration restrictions have been eased. Along with this, the Kobe City General Information Center and the Shin-Kobe Station Tourist Information Center have launched a targeted campaign to sell the "KOBE Sightseeing Smart Passport," which allows the first 300 foreign tourists to visit Kobe's popular tourist facilities in one day. The division plans to make use of Kobe's strengths to create a Muslim guidebook by the end of the year. For more information, please refer to the link below.

The huge spectacular snow statues – Sapporo Snow Festival 2023

"Sapporo Snow Festival", the biggest winter event in Sapporo, Hokkaido, will be held on February 2023. It features enormous elaborate snow statues held mainly at Odori Park. It is a spectacular festival that attracts no fewer than two million people annually during its seven-day run in February. Although the first Sapporo Snow Festival started in 1950 with six snow statues built by some local high school students, it has gradually developed into an international festival that organizes contests for foreigners and locals. If you are in Sapporo during this period,...