More halal food to be added in Japanese low-cost Gyomu Super lineup

Kobe Bussan, operating a franchise of "Gyomu Super", has set out in its medium-term management plan for 2024 to "further enhance its range of Halal products and others". Gyomu Super is a low-cost and affordable supermarket that offers a wide range of halal food products, from condiments to confectionery. Beyond for commercial use, they are also well-recognised by Muslims living in Japan, leading to increased sales.When you visit Japan, just head on to the nearest Gyomu Super for some halal food shopping! Related Article:Malaysia’s first Japanese low-cost supermarket opens in...

Halal nutritious drinkable ‘IV drip’ from quality Japanese rice goes overseas

OGATA VILLAGE AKITAKOMACHI RICE PRODUCERS CO., LTD. involved in rice production and processed products, has launched its highly nutritious and non-alcoholic drink "Fresh Rice Malt" to overseas markets. Made from ‘Kome Koji’ (rice malt) developed in Akita, one of the famous places in Japan for rice production, the drink is also known as "drinking IV drip" formulated with 16 different lactic acid bacteria. The drink is made according to the Islamic percepts and has obtained Halal certification from NAHA, a Japanese halal organisation with mutual accreditation with Malaysia’s JAKIM, Singapore's...

Be prepared for disaster with Halal, allergy-friendly emergency food of Japan

Emergency food is a lifeline in times of disaster. Companies, municipalities and large facilities should take note of the needs of people with dietary restrictions.Onisi Foods, the company developing long-storage food Alpha Rice that are Halal and allergy-friendly, gave a lecture at Showa Women's University's 'Seminar on Disaster Prevention' and provided its Alpha Rice products. The international students who cooked and tasted Onisi's Dry Curry, Chicken Rice, Portable Onigiri Salmon and Portable Onigiri Wakame all praised how tasty they were. Also, they exchanged opinions such as, "These products can be...

‘Halal Beef Bowl’ offered at under half price, Utsunomiya University

Utsunomiya University, a national university in Tochigi Prefecture (Japan), has taken steps to support students in need by offering the cafeteria's popular beef bowl for just 200 yen, which is less than half the usual price, in January.The cafeteria also prepared Halal Beef Bowl for the Muslim students to enjoy at the same price— 200 yen. Related Article:Halal Dumpling “Satsuki” in Utsunomiya

7-year storable! Halal allergy-friendly bread now here from this Muslim-friendly Japanese brand

The long-awaited gluten-free and allergy-friendly "Preserved Food for Everyone - Retort Rice-flour Bread (Storable for 7 Years)", from the 7-year preservable food series under The Next Dekade brand by Green Design & Consulting (GDAC), has finally launched on 31 January. Of course, it is allergy-friendly made without any of the 28 specified allergens*1 and certified Halal by Japanese NAHA*2. Apart from this new bread, its 5-year preservable retort food (rice) series, 7-year preservable (retort rice, cookie, mineral water) series and 10-year preservable (mineral water) series are also Halal-certified by NAHA....

Certified halal, Raw spirulina to resolve food crisis, TABÉRUMO

The bio-venture company TABÉRUMO Corporation became the first company in Japan to commercialise fresh-raw spirulina, an ingredient that could make carbon neutrality possible, acquiring the Halal certification of the Brunei government. Find out more about the possibilities of spirulina and what the company has in store for the future from COO Toshiya Sasaki. (more…)

Shimane University’s ¥100 bento with halal meal to help struggling students

Shimane University (in Shimane, Japan) has started selling 'one-coin', cheap packed lunches (bento) for 100 yen (about USD0.78) to help its students who are struggling financially because of the Covid-19 disaster and the high cost of living.Originally worth 500 yen, this '100-yen bento' initiative also includes a selection of halal curry meals. The bentos will be available in limited quantities at the Matsue and Izumo campuses until the end of February. Shimane university will continue to offer this kind of livelihood support according to the economic situation and the students'...

Kagawa & Hokkaido: Halal-certified seafood goods to advance into Muslim nations

Kagawa-based Yabu Suisan Co., Ltd. and Hokkaido-based Ikeshita Sangyo Co., Ltd. have acquired Halal certification from the Japan Halal Business Association (JHBA) for their manufacturing factories to export processed seafood products such as sushi items to the Islamic market.Click the link for more details. Also See:TOYAMA HALALFOOD GIFTBOX by Toyama firms to offer halal gifts