Be prepared for disaster with Halal, allergy-friendly emergency food of Japan

Emergency food is a lifeline in times of disaster. Companies, municipalities and large facilities should take note of the needs of people with dietary restrictions.
Onisi Foods, the company developing long-storage food Alpha Rice that are Halal and allergy-friendly, gave a lecture at Showa Women’s University’s ‘Seminar on Disaster Prevention’ and provided its Alpha Rice products.

The international students who cooked and tasted Onisi’s Dry Curry, Chicken Rice, Portable Onigiri Salmon and Portable Onigiri Wakame all praised how tasty they were. Also, they exchanged opinions such as, “These products can be useful for outdoor activities and other emergency situations”.
Onishi Foods commented, “We want people overseas to know about disaster prevention in Japan as well as the existence of tasty emergency food”.

For more details, see the linked article below.

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