Halal nutritious drinkable ‘IV drip’ from quality Japanese rice goes overseas

OGATA VILLAGE AKITAKOMACHI RICE PRODUCERS CO., LTD. involved in rice production and processed products, has launched its highly nutritious and non-alcoholic drink “Fresh Rice Malt” to overseas markets. Made from ‘Kome Koji’ (rice malt) developed in Akita, one of the famous places in Japan for rice production, the drink is also known as “drinking IV drip” formulated with 16 different lactic acid bacteria.

The drink is made according to the Islamic percepts and has obtained Halal certification from NAHA, a Japanese halal organisation with mutual accreditation with Malaysia’s JAKIM, Singapore’s MUIS and Thailand’s CICOT.
Click the link for more. You can also check out our full interview with the company to know more about the product.

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